Reasons of appearance of hypodermic pimples. Prevention and treatment.

Reasons of appearance of hypodermic pimples. Prevention and treatment.

Hypodermic pimples spoil life as demand long-term treatment and seldom give in to such "expeditious" actions as anti-inflammatory emulsions or creams.

Also the favourite procedure of expression of which many young people are fond will not help. It is important to remember that during expression of pimple, skin suffers serious damages. Also sebaceous glands from which the collected pus spreads to other sites of fabrics that provokes developing of new pimples are broken off.  

Reasons of their emergence

At first it is heavy to notice hypodermic pimples. Then they redden, and the area of skin hurts. Inside the hypodermic pimple is channel of sebaceous gland in which fat (grease obstruction) has collected, inflammation and formation of pus has begun. Outside all this looks as the painful reddened hillock. If to touch such pimple, then there will be feeling that temperature of affected area is higher than usual temperature. Is the frequent causes of hypodermic pimples: improper feeding, constant alcohol intake, smoking, non-compliance with personal hygiene, genetic diseases, the acquired infections. It is impossible to protect himself from all factors of negative impact, but to protect health and to pay attention to signals which are sent by body — quite really. So, pimples under skin can indicate infectious blood poisoning, furunkulyoz, violations of work of digestive tract or banal cold.

Treatment by means of traditional medicine

If in house first-aid kit there is Vishnevsky's ointment, then it is possible to use it. You will find the detailed instruction about this method of treatment in box with ointment. The leaf of aloe will help. Such plant can be found in any apartment. For treatment of hypodermic pimple there will be enough small piece, juicy leaf of this plant. For the night apply watery part to the inflamed place. The good effect will be at simultaneous use with Vishnevsky's ointment. With care it is worth using usual solution of iodine. If the pimple has arisen on too gentle site to skin, then it is better to refuse use of iodine — it can cause troubles in the form of burns. If hypodermic pimples are on body, then it is possible to take bath with sea salt. It is not necessary to exceed the water temperature of thirty seven degrees, it has to be slightly cool. Duration of such procedure — 10–15 minutes. One more available means — tea tree oil. Systematic application of this means with the expressed antibacterial effect will bring positive result.

Anyway, the address to the cosmetologist who will be able not only qualitatively will be the best option and to remove quickly available hypodermic pimples, but also in time to notice deeper problem with health.

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