Recipes of beauty with aloe

Recipes of beauty with aloe

Leaves of medicinal aloe are called around the world natural laboratory of health and beauty. Curative properties of plant have no analogs and are actively used for creation of remedies for various illnesses. Women of all age were subdued by the cosmetology value of aloe.

Pulp and juice of its leaves contains unique combination of biologically active molecules, vitamins and enzymes. They render the powerful revitalizing, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory action on problem skin and not only. By means of plant it is possible to improve significantly dews of hair, their appearance and force. To cure head skin of seborrhea and also to accelerate growth of nails, to make them stronger and more flexible.

houseconditionsThe masks prepared in , compresses, lotions and tonics with aloe are very effective. But before starting creation of any given means, it is important to prepare raw materials correctly. At first to choose leaf, it has to be the shoot fleshy, growing closer to rhizome. It should be dissected away accurately knife, to wash up carefully sponge with warm water (not more hotly!) it is also desirable boiled. After that to wrap plant in two layers of gauze or any "breathing" pure fabric. To remove such look for 14 days in the fridge, in office for storage of vegetables or in door.

To what such manipulations? The fact is that during it "cold storage" in chemical composition of flower there are surprising metamorphoses: under the influence of own enzymes in plant cells the substances called biogenic stimulators "spill". They as a part of future cosmetics will start and improve processes of updating of fabrics.

What recipes of beauty with aloe can you use in care for the appearance? First of all masks. The simplest — from the crushed leaf. Juicy mix is placed on gauze napkin and imposed on problem skin. In 15 minutes it is possible to wash in addition aloe juice. It is useful to practice such "washings" daily if you have pimples, skin needs additional moistening and too dry, the first wrinkles have appeared. The mask from quality oil of olive, honey and juice of aloe is ideal for women of mature age. It is held on face up to twenty minutes, then the remains are removed sponge and do not wash, leaving this procedure till the morning. There is recipe of excellent mask for fat type of skin: mix of aloe, the egg white beaten with lemon juice and 3-4 drops of tea tree oil, normalizes sebaceous secretion, cleans and tightens wide pores, protects epidermis from formation of black dots. From leaves of valuable plant it is possible to prepare broth, powerful on the action. And to apply it both to treatment of problem skin, and to recovery of the weakened hair and to elimination of dandruff. It is required half-glass of small cut flower leaves. They should be transported to stewpan with water (1 glass) and to hold on moderate fire of 10-15 minutes. As will cool down — to filter. Now useful liquid can be added to masks, to use for washing of the person, for rinsing of hair. Try the popular recipe with aloe for hair. It is good if you want to accelerate growth of the curls, to make them strong, to improve condition of tips and also head skin. Mix aloe juice spoon with two spoons of burdock or castor oil. Then add third of glass of flower honey to this mix and apply on hair, having rubbed in radical zone. It is possible to hide curls under hat for shower, to wrap up from above with woolen shawl. In 60 minutes wash away. Regular repetition of such procedure will solve many problems with your hair.

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