Recipes of gelatinous masks with effect of lamination

Recipes of gelatinous masks with effect of lamination

Masks on the basis of gelatin perfectly humidify, feed and create effect of lamination of hair, as after beauty shop. In the course of use of mask each hair becomes covered by the thinnest film, thereby recovering proteinaceous structure. Hair become more well-groomed and brilliant, additional volume appears.

Silicone is considered the main component of the majority of modern shampoos, balms and masks. This component gives to hair smoothness and silkiness, but, on the other hand, interferes with absorption of moisture in structure of hair. Therefore after long use of such cosmetics the hair become brittle and dim.

How to cure hair gelatin

The mask from gelatin is suitable practically for all types of hair. Gelatin saturates hair with vitamins, fills time and fights against disobedient hairs. And yet such gelatinous masks have one minus, – they dry tips a little.

Mask with gelatin and honey

Take 1 tablespoon of gelatin and presoak in 1/3 glass of warm water for 10-15 minutes. Further kindle mix on water bath, without bringing to boiling. After mix turns into jelly, remove from plate and add 1 tsp of honey. Cool mix to room temperature. The mask is applied on previously washed up moist hair. The hat for shower or cellophane package at first is put on the head, and from above it is wrapped up with towel. Hold mask of 40-50 minutes, wash away warm water.

Mask with gelatin and egg

For a start part gelatin bag in warm water, then add crude egg and fast speed shake up fork or nimbus. Ready mix is warmed up on water bath before formation of jelly. Further mix is applied on clean moist hair, and put on cellophane package and towel the head. Hold 40-45 minutes, wash away warm water, it is possible with shampoo (important that in structure there were no silicones). Musk should apply 1-2 times a week.

Mask with gelatin and mustard

The bag of gelatin is filled in with hot water (1:4), add 10 g of dry mustard. Mix and apply mix on moist hair. Hold mask of 30-40 minutes, then wash away slightly warm water. If you feel strong burning, immediately remove mask.

Mask with gelatin and balm

Dissolve previously gelatin bag in warm water. Further add 1 tablespoon of any balm-hair conditioner. Apply mask on moist hair for 35-40 minutes, wash away warm water.

Masks on the basis of gelatin are most effective when they are done regularly with observance of all instructions. Also it is necessary to replace shampoo with silicones and parabens with shampoo with natural structure.

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