Recipes of house cosmetics for neck and zone of decollete

Recipes of house cosmetics for neck and zone of decollete

Face care is obvious daily occupation for all, but less people treat skin of neck and zone of decollete with the same attention. This area very gentle and thin, and certainly need appropriate cosmetics.

The biggest advantage of methods of home care is that fact that the organization of small SPA houses and independent preparation of cosmetics — it is valid fantasy. Especially as all this pleasure is hardly burdensome for purse — ingredients cost not much, and most of them can be found easily in kitchen. To prepare peeling or masks for neck and decollete, it is possible to use, among other things honey, natural yogurt, vegetable oils, fruit, herbs, eggs, ginger, coffee and many other products which we use every day for food.

Warm grass compress

To boil water, to put 1 bag of green tea in mug, then hot water (not boiled water) and to cover. Approximately in 15 minutes to pour tea leaves in bowl that it was possible to wet with convenience in it small towel. To impose warm compress on neck and shoulders on several dozen seconds.

The alternating compress

Two small towels and two bowls — one with warm water, another with cold mineral water are necessary. To wet on one towel in each capacity, then to serially put them (at first warm, then cold) on several dozen seconds on neck and decollete. To repeat this action of 5 times. 

Peeling from porridge

To fill about 2 tablespoons of flakes in glass and to fill in with warm milk (it is desirable house). To massage gruel on neck and decollete gentle circular motions. After several minutes of massage to wash up everything warm water.

Enzymatic peeling 

In small bowl or circle to mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of natural yogurt. To add several drops of vegetable oil. After such srub it is the best of all to wipe skin with tonic to restore its natural rn.

Prevention! Soda is characterized by quite intensive operation therefore this option of peeling is not recommended to people with skin, sensitive or inclined to acne.

The clarifying mask for decollete


- 3 tablespoons of chopped parsley,

- 1 cup of hot milk,

- 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice,

- 1 teaspoon of natural honey.

To fill in with milk parsley, to cover and set aside. Approximately in 15 minutes to add lemon and honey, to mix carefully. In prepared thus for mix to wet small towel or gauze and to apply on decollete, to hold 20 minutes. To wash away warm water and to apply nutritious cream.

The strengthening mask


- 4 tablespoons of fresh or dried rosemary,

- 1 cup of hot milk.

To add rosemary to milk and to wait so far it will cool down. To apply the received paste for 20 minutes, then to wash away warm water.

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