Recipes of house face packs

Recipes of house face packs

If you want to look attractive, permanent care of body and face is necessary. However not all are able to afford expensive visits to beauty shops. But there is always opportunity to make effective cosmetic masks directly at home.

Cucumber face packs

The cucumber and sour cream mask will suit owners of dry face skin. To prepare it, grate fresh vegetable. Mix cucumber tablespoon with the same amount of fat sour cream and put mix on face. After 15 minutes wash away warm water.

To make skin is lighter, it is possible to use the following recipe. Take peel of cucumber and inside apply to skin, leave for half an hour. The face after such procedure does not need to be washed.

The following mask has the bleaching effect. Mix tablespoon of juice of cucumber with the same amount of juice of lemon. Then moisten with cucumber and lemon liquid clean gauze and put it on the person for 10 minutes. Wash cool water. To remove greasy luster from face, the following mask will approach. To 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice add egg white, mix and smear face. After 15 minutes of the procedure wash away mask green tea. One more plain plain, but effective mask will be suitable for persons interested to get rid of wrinkles around mouth. Cut fresh cucumber on rather narrow circles, and later put them in the freezer for 1 hour. Place pieces of the frozen vegetable in corners of mouth and lie down with them minutes 10. After that wash warm water. It is worth remembering that any cucumber mask will have positive effect on face skin and will bring a lot of benefit.

Masks from other vegetables

Potato masks clarify skin and improve its state, smooth small wrinkles. Grate crude potatoes. In gauze make cuts for eyes, nose and mouth, put it on the person. From above evenly spread out potatoes and lie down so minutes 15, and then put away mask from face, wash, and then use the moisturizing cream. If you are disturbed by dry skin, boil couple of potatoes, knead in puree with addition of milk and put for ten minutes on face. The mask from young vegetable marrows cleans and softens skin, narrows pores. Peel vegetable, remove seeds, and grate pulp and mix with yolk of one egg. Put mask for 12 minutes on face, then erase the cotton tampon moistened in boiled water. Cabbage masks moisturize the skin, refresh it, bleach. It is possible just to spread out leaves, previously having rumpled them, on the person for 10 minutes. It is possible to crush and add the beaten egg white with small spoon of oat flour – for oily skin, or olive oil and yolk of egg – for dry.

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