Recipes of masks for growth of nails

Recipes of masks for growth of nails

Nails need special care: that they were healthy and beautiful, nail plates need to be fed, protected and strengthened. Cosmetics of house production can be used for this purpose.

Currant mask for growth of marigold

The following ingredients will be necessary for preparation of this mix strengthening marigold: - 1 tablespoons of wheat flour;

- 1.5 tablespoons of berries of blackcurrant; - it is a little cream.

Berries crush, then enrich the turned-out puree with cream and flour. Components carefully mix. The nutritious structure is applied on nail plates, then put on cotton gloves and leave mask for 1.5-2 hours. After gruel delete with tissue, rinse hands and cover with the moisturizing cream.

The burning mix stimulating growth of nail plates

Recipe of this cosmetic such: - 10-12 drops of the cooled boiled water; - 0.5 tsps of chili powder; - 1 tsps of nutritious hand cream. Red pepper is mixed with water and cream. Further rattling mix is warmed up on water bath. Warm nutritious weight is imposed on marigold and held 12-15 minutes. Quickly to achieve desirable result, the procedure should be done once a week within 1-2 months in a row.

Lemon juice for growth and beauty of nails

Lemon juice remarkably bleaches and strengthens nail plates and also adds them beautiful gloss. The procedure of strengthening of nail plates looks so: cut several slices of lemon and wipe with these segments marigold (if desired small pieces of lemon pulp can be put on marigold and to put on cotton gloves). In 8-10 minutes of hand rinse with cool water and apply nutritious cream to skin and nails.

Olive oil for growth of marigold

At the increased fragility of nails recommend to make for them the "delicacy" consisting of such products: - 1 tablespoons of olive oil; - 3-5 drops of lemon juice; - 1-2 drops of iodine. Oil is slightly warmed up on water bath, later add juice of lemon and iodine. In warm mix lower fingers of hands and hold no more than 10 minutes. After hand wash with warm water (without soap) and cover skin and nails with the moisturizing cream.

Dandelion and nettle for growth of nails

For growth of marigold use the cosmetic mix consisting of the following components: - 1 tablespoons of leaves of nettle; - 1 tablespoons of cottage cheese; - 1 tablespoons of leaves of dandelion; - 120-130 ml of water. The crushed leaves fill in with the begun to boil water, then cover capacity and 1.5-2 hours infuse mix. Further infusion is filtered, add cottage cheese to grassy gruel and carefully mix components. Weight is applied on nail plates and left for 23-25 minutes. Then nutritious gruel is removed cotton tampon, rinse hands with warm water and apply nutritious cream to skin and nails.

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