Recipes of masks for increase, tightening and elasticity of breast

Recipes of masks for increase, tightening and elasticity of breast

The breast can lose the elasticity because of incorrectly picked up bra, stoop, hormonal imbalance and feeding by breast. It is worth approaching question of return of attractive form of bust in a complex: to reconsider diet, to include special exercises in trainings and to choose the most effective complex of masks.

Before passing to preparation and use of masks, prepare skin. Preliminary application of srub promotes the best penetration of useful natural components. Take glass of raspberry or strawberry, knead in convenient capacity, connect to 1 tablespoon of the warmed-up honey and olive oil. The received structure apply breasts to skin and accurately mass all palm. Such massage removes the keratosic layer of skin and improves blood circulation. After quarter of hour wash away warm water.

When using house masks you do not apply them on area of nipple.

The efficiency in issue of resumption of elasticity of breast was proved by mask with oat flakes. Fill in 1/4 glasses of flakes with glass of boiled water and insist 20 minutes. Grate with the received gruel skin of neck and breast and you hold before full drying. Wash away warm water.

It is cardinal only the plastic surgeon can increase the breast size, masks are capable to improve blood circulation, to raise a little it, thereby having made visually attractive. For preparation of such mask it will be required: - 40 ml of water infusion of horsetail; - 40 ml of juice of aloe; - 20 drops of tincture of hop; - on 5 drops of essential oils of lemon and geranium. Connect components in convenient capacity and carefully mix. You apply on area of breast twice a day for 20-30 minutes. For increase in breast prepare oil structure: - 20 ml of grape seed oil; - 10 ml of oil of geranium; - 10 ml of ylang-ylang; - on 1 ml of oil of sage muscat and patchouli. When performing massage of 15 drops of mix dilute 30 ml of olive or sesame oil. Cocoa butter has the rejuvenating effect. It is put under breast and area between breasts, carry out the massing, rubbing movements during quarter of hour.

Wipings of breast cube of ice which can be prepared from broth of camomile, mint or thyme are effective.

Quite often in breast extensions appear. In this situation the strengthening mask on the basis of seaweed will come to the rescue. Mix seaweed in the form of powder with olive oil and apply on breast not less than for 20-25 minutes, remove with warm water. For preparation of the moisturizing mix connect 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese to sour cream. After careful stirring add structure with 1 tablespoon of honey. Procedure time – 20 minutes. Clay is considered unique cosmetic product. Part 3 tablespoons of pink clay with warm water, add 2 tablespoons of honey, mix and apply on area of breast and neck for 20 minutes. Clay masks – universal assistants, they nourish skin, smooth small wrinkles, return velvet. The mask rush-up raises breast, creating attractive depression in the ground. 2 tablespoons of fresh mint fill in 250 ml of boiled water, insist 20 minutes in the closed ware. Warm up tablespoon of almond oil, put teaspoon of the crushed beeswax and heat to full dissolution. Filter mint infusion and connect to wax. A little cooled down weight apply to skin breasts for 20 minutes. For removal of weight moisten napkin in almond oil and wipe skin.

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