Recommendations for maintaining elasticity of skin

Recommendations for maintaining elasticity of skin

The elasticity of skin depends on many factors. It is impossible to avoid age withering of skin, but it is possible to improve its state, to give well-groomed look and beauty, thanks to integrated approach to this question.

The elasticity of skin first of all needs to be increased from within. It is promoted by physical exercises which improve blood circulation and bring muscles into tone that is especially useful at flabby skin. 

The respiratory gymnastics will help saturation of cages oxygen that will affect elasticity and skin color. 

It is not obligatory to be in the gym constantly at all. There are special complexes of gymnastic exercises which combine in themselves physical activity and breathing exercises, at the same time take from fifteen to thirty minutes a day.

It is necessary to include large number of fruit and vegetables in daily food allowance. Also consumption of garlic and eggs promotes increase in elasticity of skin, thanks to contents in the composition of selenium.

Before exit to the street it is necessary to use cream with sun-protection properties, it will protect skin from aggressive environmental impact, having kept its elasticity and health. Before going to bed, it is necessary to clean the surface of skin by means of special means not to allow influence of the toxic substances accumulating on its surface during the day.

It is very useful to hold the sessions of massage of skin increasing microblood circulation and improving its state. It is better to entrust holding this procedure to the expert as incorrectly carried out massage can lead to skin stretching.

The elasticity of skin of stomach and breast can be increased also by means of hydromassage and contrast shower. These procedures can be carried out in house conditions, directing water jet with circular motions to problem parts of the body.

The huge role in maintaining elasticity and elasticity of skin is played by the regular and correctly picked up leaving. For this purpose it is necessary to use specially developed cosmetic medicines. It is necessary to choose the qualitative and suitable as skin means.

Along with them it is recommended to apply also the national methods effective to maintaining elasticity and giving of healthy color to skin. Various oils can be them: pink, linen, almond, castoric, sea-buckthorn and olive which add to various masks use for massage or preparation of cosmetics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team