Recovery of the clarified hair

Recovery of the clarified hair

Desire to change the appearance, to play with style, with hair color is peculiar to women. Very just from the brunette to become the blonde if not especially to think of health of hair. And here after the clarifying procedures which do not spare hair at all, very not easy to recover them former gloss and health. We not always realize what consequences such actions will have. What can be made when our hair have lost the color, and together with it and natural power?

Begin recovery process with trimming of the ends of the clarified hair. What length should be cut off, depends on as far as hair have suffered during the procedure of clarification.

If hair break off and last, then not to help them any more. In that case, it is worth cutting off them gradually.

Structure of the decoloured hair such is that inside they are empty. Such they become because during decolorization from them the natural pigment is washed away.

Use the soft clarified hair shampoo. After it your hair will shine and it is easier to comb hair.

After each washing you apply the conditioner on hair. Use indelible cream for dry tips. It will promote that open scales of dry hair, will be smoothed.

While you intensively recover the curls, try to refuse use of means for laying. Also hair are very much harmed by the hair dryer, irons and curling irons. Resort to their help as little as possible. Let's hair gain strength.

For health of hair important of what material your hairbrush is made. Choose those which are made of natural materials. Perfectly the wooden hairbrush which will not injure hair will approach.

Never comb hair until they dry. During such procedure the hair are extended and become brittle.

Well clarified hair are helped by rinsings by broths of such herbs as St. John's wort, mint, camomile. Also force to your curls will be given by rinsing by milk or beer.

To help hair, so to speak, from within, accept vitamins A, E and Century.

The hair injured by decolorization need additional food. To recover your curls, use oil wrappings. For this purpose perfectly almond, peach, apricot and burdock oil will approach.

Apply warm oil on hair and wrap up the head with towel. In two hours wash away the usual shampoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team