Reed suntan - what it?

Reed suntan - what it?

Reed, or instant, suntan gives unique opportunity to get desirable shade of skin within 20 minutes, without visiting the beach or sunbed. The procedure is carried out in beauty shop where by means of the special equipment apply lotion with active molecules of dihydroxyacetone on all surface of skin – the main component which allows to receive fast suntan.

Why instant suntan is called reed

Digidroksiatseton – the substance received from reed. Therefore instant suntan is called reed. The main advantages of such suntan are that for receiving the necessary shade of skin it is not necessary to visit sunbed or the beach.

Before holding procedure skin has to be carefully prepared. That suntan has turned out beautiful and has laid down even layer, it is necessary to make peeling previously. The upper layer of epidermis consists of the keratosic cages. If to apply lotion to unprepared skin, the effect of suntan will be washed away in several days. While after thorough training it is possible to prolong result up to two weeks.

The bronzing lotion is sprayed on skin uniform layer by means of gun and aerosol. Depending on desirable result, lotion is held by from 5 to 20 minutes. The skin color will have shade from light golden to dark chocolate. In the first case lotion with concentration of dihydroxyacetone of 5%, in the second – 16% is applied. The melanocytes which are developed under the influence of active molecules of dihydroxyacetone activate melanin emission. Therefore it is possible to achieve equal shade on all surface of skin. Use of the saloon procedure – the only method to receive qualitative suntan for those it is contraindicated to whom to be in the sun and to visit sunbed. Besides reed suntan does not age and does not overdry skin, does not provoke burns and other problems which steadily arise at natural suntan. Reed suntan is not contraindicated to pregnant women as the used components are absolutely safe and do not cause allergic reactions.

How to look after skin after holding procedure

The cosmetologist will make the detailed recommendation about occasion of further care for skin. That suntan has held on the maximum quantity of time, within 6-8 hours after the procedure it is impossible to take shower. Within 14 days it is necessary to refuse visit of bath, sauna, use of srubs and rigid basts. It is possible to go to the pool only in 48 hours. It is necessary to consider also that within several hours after causing reed suntan skin can soil clothes. Therefore if suntan is caused before important action, it is worth thinking of visit of beauty shop in advance. After each reception of shower, skin needs to be greased with the moisturizing lotion as much as possible to prolong effect of suntan.

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