Reehat Al Atoor – magnificent Arab perfume of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Reehat Al Atoor – magnificent Arab perfume of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Reehat Al Atoor - the house of the selection perfumery or as it is called still - perfumery for gourmets. Rather young company, but already managed to win both female, and male hearts the bewitching east wood aromas around the world. Gracefully executed and decorated bottle also bewitches and will leave nobody indifferent.

The perfumery company Reehat Al Atoor has been founded in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1989. Niche (selection) perfumery or perfumery for gourmets – so represents the products the house of Reehat Al Atoor. Firmness of aromas, wood notes, sensual and refined perfumery compositions – here that distinguishes this perfumery house from many others. The jeweler Kapil Khan has created the perfumery brand. The attracting and fascinating aroma consists in the distinguished and unique bottles of perfume executed in the best traditions of the East. As if illustrating fairy tales by Shakherezada about 1000 and 1 nights, the best designers of Reehat Al Atoor work on originality of bottle and packing. Fans of the Arab spirits will highly appreciate high percent of content of the natural precious, and at times and rare, essential oils received according to confidential recipes in their structure.

The East still was since ancient times involved in perfumery art. Now, as well as there are a lot of centuries ago, ambergris, musk, not roles, patchouli, incense, sandal-wood tree, anisetree, myrrh and many others, typical for the Arab world were and remain favourite ingredients for creation of magnificent aromas.

Presence of incense as a part of some perfumery compositions, according to Reehat Al Atoor, causes favoring of God on good victory over the evil. The incense since ancient times served for clarification from evil thoughts and intentions. It is that case when production of certain refined perfumery aroma serves as continuation of thousand-year ritual.

Besides spirits, oils and cream, the company is engaged in production of the interior perfume which is blurted out in the form of small pieces of the flavored tree which are called bakhura and also aromatic oils accessories.

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