Regulations of Admission of aromavanna

Regulations of Admission of aromavanna

Fragrant bathtubs improve blood circulation, expand time and therefore the active agents which are contained in infusions and broths of plants easily and quickly get into skin. But such bathtubs are useful not only to skin, they influence all organism.


1. It is possible to take fragrant baths not more often than 2-3 times a week. It is undesirable to take bath if you ail (especially increased temperature). With care it is necessary to treat bathtubs that who has chronic diseases. It is impossible to take bath right after food. Wait at least hour, and it is better two. Remember that the bathtub with cool water weakens, and from hot — invigorates.

2. If you have allergy, check whether will cause fragrant infusion of its aggravation. Apply a little prepared infusion by means of cotton tampon on the back of wrist and do not wash away 2 hours. If reaction is not observed, you can safely take bath.

3. Try to use water of temperature specified in recipes, but if to you it is not comfortable, reduce or increase amount of hot water. The bathtub has to be pleasant. Add hot water in process that its temperature remained constant.

4. The advantage of bathtub depends on infusion, but the type of the flower petals floating in bathtub will improve mood. If you from those on whom great impression is made by smells, add to bathtub also several drops of the corresponding aromatic oil.

5. Bathtubs lasting 10-15 minutes have tonic effect, more than 20 minutes — calming. If you keep to hungry diet or spend fasting days, refuse hot (with water more warmly 38 °) bathtubs. The amount of water in bathtub has to be such that at immersion it reached to you the middle of breast.

6. Before reception of fragrant bathtub do not forget to be washed up. Soap or shower gel will eliminate protective acid-fat film from skin and will facilitate absorption of curative substances which contain in the plants added to water. After such bathtub it is desirable to apply cream or at least vegetable oil on body to hold the useful substances "extracted" from water in hypodermic.

7. Even in the weakening bathtub it is not obligatory to lie not movably. Change situation, mass the body, since finger-tips and gradually moving ahead towards heart. Especially vigorously work over hips, buttocks and back. It is better to take bath in the evening as after it it is undesirable to go outside within 2 hours.

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