Relaxation and leaving: curative body baths

Relaxation and leaving: curative body baths

The weakening bathtub is excellent method of removal of psychological tension and stress. Also bathtubs promote unloading of the bone-muscular device. As the calming and curative additives it is possible to use herbs and essential oils.

If after work you have decided to take relaxing bath, remember that water procedures should be carried out approximately one couple of hours prior to food and shortly before going to bed. It is desirable that temperature of the prepared water did not exceed 36-37os. As for time of acceptance of the weakening bathtub, it usually is about 30 minutes. 3 times a week are recommended to take house baths. For achievement of the maximum effect of relaxation it is necessary to clean skin pores previously properly.

There are different types of additives which strengthen the weakening action, add medical or cosmetic effect. The bathtub with sea salt will help to reduce stress and to increase immunity of organism. The iodine which is part of salt has disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect and also well influences functioning of thyroid gland. Will help to remove stress and to relax bathtub with camomile and sea salt. Also follows for the best dream after holding water procedures to drink glass of warm milk.

It is interesting that the hot bathtub with addition of apple cider vinegar, foam or liquid soap helps to improve considerably mood and to take off chronic fatigue.

Essential oils possess cosmetic action – nourish skin and do it to softer. Some oils I make medical impact. So, several drops of oil of valerian will become ideal insomnia medicine. Rose attar is considered natural antidepressant. Also it perfectly tones up skin and promotes healing of small wounds. Oil refreshes patchouli and calms and also is used at treatment of eczemas and acne rashes.

Bath with oil of melissa should be taken at treatment of asthma and bronchitis. And lavender essential oil not only effectively struggles with stress, but also helps to cope with muscular and rheumatic pains. In combination with rosemary, lavender oil perfectly removes cold symptoms. For treatment of cellulitis it is recommended to add several drops of grapefruit and red orange to bathtub, and then to slightly rub affected areas. The bathtub with tea tree oil will help to restore quickly forces after heavy day of work. Large amount of bath foams with the special additives intended for skin care, softening of tap water or achievement of aromaterapevtichesky effect is presented at the modern market. Will help to strengthen health and to treat some illnesses in house conditions bathtubs with grass infusions. For preparation of infusion it is necessary to make 500-600 g of the chosen grass in 1.5 l of boiled water. After that means for couple of hours goes away to the dark and cool place, is filtered and added to bathtub.

For preparation of useful infusions it is possible to choose dried and fresh herbs.

Such herbs as mint, wormwood, marjoram, calendula, linden and camomile have the excellent calming effect. By the way, the bathtub with infusion of marjoram can help at violation of menstrual cycle. In addition bathtubs with infusions of sage, lavender, eucalyptus and train will help to strengthen organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team