Relevant men's hairstyles

Relevant men's hairstyles

Men's hairstyles, also as well as women's, change, paying craze. In new season hairstyles where quite long locks in occipital and frontal zones are left are relevant.

Stylish and original men's hairstyles in new season assume certain courage of the owner. Because many new hairstyles have very original form.

The hairstyle should be chosen, proceeding from features of skull and face form. Even the most relevant hairstyle can spoil you if it emphasizes shortcomings.

The first option of fashionable hairstyle for men - the extended semi-boxing. Hair near neck and on temples are sheared shortly, and in occipital and frontal shares are left rather long - from two to four centimeters. This hairstyle means certain laying. By means of flat hairbrush all long locks rise up and are fixed by laying means. If hair too dense, process them gel or foam for laying that the hairstyle kept better. Such way of laying can be seen on photo of the Hollywood stars and also at models in men's magazines. This form is very relevant in past and coming fashionable seasons.

The second hairstyle is similar to women's - caret. Quite long locks in temporal and frontal shares are left. To look with such hairstyle as a real man, do not cut bang. Then curls can be taken away for ears or to collect in tail, having made shape more brutal. Such hairstyle has many ways of laying - it is possible to comb hair back, forward, on one side, to make mohawk. It will suit creative people who love variety.

Besides the superfashionable extended hairstyles on which not all men, in the coming season again in fashion classical strict hairstyles are ready to decide. They assume equal side hair parting and length of locks which is smoothly increasing from neck to nape. Such hairstyles beautifully emphasize shape of the head, make the man very elegant.

If you want to grow hair, remember that the liquid tail does not paint the man. Leave length to neck below only if you have enough volume of hair.

Classic boxing where temples and hair near neck again in fashion are shaved off completely. This hairstyle very much is pleasant to athletes as long locks do not climb in eyes and do not stick to skin. This hairstyle will help to level shape of the head in case it is too round. Volume in upper part - on nape and darkness - visually extends skull.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team