Removal of hair forever by means of solutions

Removal of hair forever by means of solutions

For removal of excess hair on body many ways are thought up: epilation, shaving, sugaring. Unfortunately, all of them yield only temporary result, the exception is made expensive and not always by effective epilation the laser. In search of easy and available ways to get rid of hair forever it is possible to address the grandmother's recipes checked by time.

First of all it is necessary to understand that hair have forever ceased to grow, it is required to destroy bulbs completely. For this purpose use various corroding solutions, tinctures and broths of poisonous plants, yodosoderzhashchy structures. It is necessary to observe extra care in work with them, not to allow contact with mucous membranes, to remove far away from children and animals.

It is necessary to consider that all yodosoderzhashchy and corroding structures very much dry skin, after their application it is necessary to moisten it with cream.

To gain effect, it is necessary to put means repeatedly, and it is regular. It is important to depilate in any available way in advance, for example, tweezers or epilation — only in this case active ingredient will get access to hair bulb. If hair strong and healthy, putting solutions directly on them does not give any effect, except some clarification. You should not shave also hair, from it they only become stronger.

So, what means for removal of hair exist. The most popular and effective solution — rivanol. It can be got in drugstores, usually state in which prepare drugs independently. The period of storage of such solution is strongly limited, no more than 3 weeks. It is also possible to prepare solution independently, at home, from tablets. On liter of water it is necessary to take 10 g of substance, thus, 1% solution will turn out.

Rivanol is rather safe for application, it is the strong antiseptic agent applied to disinfection, acceleration of ranozazhivleniye. For removal of hair on body it is necessary to wipe skin with solution one or twice a day, within several weeks. Then to take break and to repeat course. The result will be noticeable after the first course: hair become weaker, brighten, begin to drop out. Perhaps, for full removal of hair forever it will be required two, three or four courses, depending on features of organism. Quite often for removal of hair use the concentrated potassium permanganate solution. It is necessary to work with it accurately not to get skin burns. Crystals should be parted in water, to mix carefully to intensive-pink (but not dark crimson!) colors to apply to skin with the pulled-out hairs. Solution of manganese paints skin in brown color therefore for the return clarification it is possible to use lemon juice.

It is better to begin removal of hair with the sites of skin not visible to people around as some structures paint skin, others can cause dryness, allergy, reddening.

For decolorization and removal of hair hydroperit solution is used. Drugstores sell most often 3% structure hydrogen peroxide, he is too weak. It is better to buy tablets and to part 15% solution, to add several drops of ammonia. The structure is applied to skin when it dries up — once again. It is necessary to hold not less than an hour, otherwise the effect will not be. Of shell or partitions of walnut it is possible to make tincture for removal of hair. On partitions of fifty nuts 150-200 ml of 70% of alcohol will be required, to insist 3-4 weeks. For two-three weeks it is necessary to grease places with the increased growth of hair. Traditionally for removal of hair also fresh juice of green walnut, paste from turmeric was used, dope tincture — all these plants contain large amount of iodine and burn bulbs of hair.

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