Removal of hair forever in house conditions

Removal of hair forever in house conditions

Today in beauty shops large number of methods which will help to get rid of excess hair is offered. However they on pocket and many prefer to use not all the checked house ways.

If to speak about traditional ways of fight against undesirable vegetation on body in house conditions, then it is possible to allocate four the most popular of them.

Shaving - the simplest method, but for obtaining good results it demands high-quality devices: the machine, replaceable cartridges to it, special cream or balm after depilation.

Wax depilation - simple effective method which is available at the price to many, however rather painful. The principle of the procedure is that previously warmed wax, and over it paper or fabric strip is applied to skin with undesirable hair. After wax stiffens, it is torn off in the direction against growth of hair. The procedure has contraindications - it is not recommended to be used that who has problems with vessels.

Easy and inexpensive way of depilation - use of special cosmetics, usually creams or gels. The effect is reached quickly, however it is not durable - only 10-15 days and are required the repeated procedure. One more shortcoming is that the medicines fighting against excess hair strongly overdry skin.

Sugaring - one of modern ways of disposal of hair which has come from antiquity. Slightly less painful is similar in technology to wax depilation, however. The sugar weight applied on the problem site of skin brought to caramel state after cooling is broken in the direction of growth of hair, it provides removal of filaments together with bulbs. Ways of preparation of sugar paste exists a little. The first: to mix the squeezed-out juice from half of lemon from 10 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of water. For the second option of preparation of sugar weight it is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of honey, juice of half of lemon, 8 tablespoons of sugar, all ingredients to connect. Mix needs to be brought to boiling on weak fire, and then to cook before obtaining consistence of dense sour cream. After weight cools down, to apply it with thin layer on necessary places, to cover with napkin. 10-15 minutes later everything needs to be removed the sharp movement. In house conditions for removal of undesirable hair also national methods, such as infusions from mixes of herbs, nuts and other components can be applied. The epilation with application of walnut is one of the most popular means on fight against undesirable hair. That to execute it, juice from peel of slightly immature fruits will be required. Wipe with it problem places three times a day. The result of the procedure is the termination of growth of hair on the surface of skin.

Easy way on removal of hair is use of juice of wild grapes. Berries need to be squeezed out well and to rub with the received juice sites of skin daily. Within month the means has to save from undesirable hair.

For preparation of ointment for epilation with use of pine nuts, it is necessary to crush shell to condition of flour and to add slightly water before receiving kasheobrazny mix. If to impose the received ointment on sites with undesirable hair, then approximately in 2 weeks the result will be noticeable.

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