Removal of hair in the person cream

Removal of hair in the person cream

Removal of hair by means of cream – one of the most painless methods of disposal of this misfortune. The majority of creams contains the aggressive substances dissolving hair structure therefore not everyone they are suitable for application on gentle face skin.

It is possible to make removal of hair in the person set of ways – shaving, epilirovany, wax strips, but some people at all this variety give preference to cream which not only does the procedure painless, but also allows to enjoy the received result at least several days. At this way of disposal of vegetation skin is not exposed to mechanical irritation, but enters interaction with chemical reagents that is fraught first of all with allergies. Besides there are no proofs that thioglycol which actually and destroys hair at its constant use does not harm human body.

For this reason the dermatologists and scientists do not recommend to use hair removing creams from face. They explain the statement with that fact that face skin is much thinner, than on other parts of body, absorbs the substances applied on it more willingly, is stronger inclined to irritations and reddenings.

Besides during usage time of cream there is chemical reaction leading to formation of the hydrosulphuric volatile compounds with pungent, unpleasant smell causing irritation of mucous membranes of nose and eye. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to other ways of removal of hair from face. Now it is possible to find the wax strips intended for the person in sale. The small size allows to apply them on small sites of pilosis, and the special composition of wax does the procedure of less painful, protects skin from possible irritation. Single are perfectly depilated face by usual tweezers, it allows to achieve accurate result, and the morbidity can be reduced, having put ice piece to obrabatyvamy part of skin. The one who nevertheless has decided to use hair removing cream from face is recommended to carry out the allergic test before use. For this purpose it is necessary to apply small amount of cream on the sensitive site of skin, for example, behind ear and to wait whether there will be no unpleasant reaction – reddening, itch, burning or even sharp pain.

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