Removal of tattoo: the most popular methods

Removal of tattoo: the most popular methods

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The tattoos made foolishly in youth, on a bet, in the subsequent bother the owners, and they try to get rid of them in all ways. Such ways are enough now.

Procedure of removal of tattoo

The procedure of data of tattoo strikes with the high cost because for this purpose use the equipment costing several thousands of dollars. Owners of next-to-skin images are frightened still by morbidity of all operation, possibility of infection, hems, change of skin color. Completely it is impossible to remove tattoo. That, the result will be how good, depends from: the locations of the drawing, color, the amount, prescription of drawing, the used paints. It is easier to remove old tattoos, than new. The person, coming to salon, has to understand that the tattoo at it will remain forever.

Methods of data of tattoo

Chemical peeling - one of ways of removal of undesirable tattoo. It is considered outdated, but is all the same used by some masters. The way consists in gradual removal of the upper layers of the skin together with the drawing. But this procedure suits only those at whom the pigment has not got into deep layers terms.

The surgical method of data of tattoo has many shortcomings: hems, long restoration. The surgeon in fact does skin transplantation, cuts off that that with the drawing, and sews new. Laser removal is more popular and modern method. This procedure is very painful, takes place in several stages that drags out all process for a long time. After the laser there are scars and hems. Liquid nitrogen freeze not only warts, but also tattoos. Cryotherapy - one more way of disposal of drawings on body. On sale are available special cream for data of tattoos. There are several famous brands: Dermasal Tattoo Removal Cream, Tattoo off, Profade. To use medicines are similar it is necessary carefully as clinical trials have proved that they of cream can cause skin cancer. In Japan, Africa products part of which it are forbidden hydrochinone and trichloroacetic acid is. And it is the main components of some creams for data of tattoos. It is better to give preference to the following brands: Fadeplex, TAT-Med. Chromabrigth ingredient is the cornerstone of their products. Plus of such method of removal of tattoo is: painlessness, lack of surgical intervention, lack of hems. Minus duration of course of data of tattoo - is considered 6-18 months. The tattoo can be not deleted, and just to disguise. For this purpose to the place of the old drawing it is put new, at the same time paint of the same shade, as skin is used. By such method mask bright and big tattoos. By thorough examination it is possible to see dirty trick, but if the master has got skilled, then nothing will be noticeable.

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