Removal of undesirable hair cedar shell

Removal of undesirable hair cedar shell

One of the problems preventing women to look attractive - undesirable hair. Beauty shops offer various methods of epilation, beginning from wax and finishing laser. But it is possible to depilate undesirable and in house conditions, for example, by means of cedar shell.

Cedar shell – effective remedy for removal of hair

Before starting the procedure of removal of excess hair, it is necessary to prepare cedar shell. It is necessary to take so many nuts to collect 280-300 g of shell. The shell is dried as damp badly burns and smoke it is much formed in the course of its burning.

The dry shell of pine nuts is burned then ashes are mixed with small amount of warm boiled water (the pastelike weight has to turn out). Mix is applied on the problem site, left for 15-17 minutes and washed away. After the first procedures the hair become thinner, become brittle, and later and in general disappear. Usually for achievement of desirable result – disposal of undesirable hair, it is necessary to carry out about 10 procedures.

The main contraindication – allergy to pine nuts and also injury of skin.

Broth from skorlupok pine nuts for removal of hair

For preparation of hairremover use the crushed shell of pine nuts. Take 2 tablespoons of raw materials, fill in with glass of just begun to boil water and put on water bath for 17-20 minutes. As in shell of walnuts the high content of lingin, cellulose, celluloses, hemicelluloses, fats and resinous substances, broth (and the capacity in which he prepares) gains black color.

Ready cosmetic is cooled up to the comfortable temperature and filtered. Then the filtered broth is brought to boiling and removed from fire. Wipe with the cotton pad moistened in broth the site of skin from which it is necessary to depilate undesirable. Half an hour later cosmetic wash away warm water. After 3-4 procedures hairs become thinner, and after in general cease to grow.

Cedar broth has pronounced antiseptic effect. It is widely used in stomatology.

Nut tincture from undesirable hair

Slightly dried shell of pine nuts is crushed in powder (it is possible to make it, for example, by means of the coffee grinder). The turned-out flour is filled in with 70% alcohol and carefully mixed. The mix on consistences reminding sour cream has to turn out. Mix is placed in capacity from dark glass and densely corked. Draw means in the pritenenny cool place 20-21 days. Ready tincture is filtered and stored in densely closed bottle in the fridge (period of storage – 6-7 months). Wipe with this nut tincture sites of skin with undesirable hair within 3 weeks: hairs will become thinner already soon and will disappear.

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