Rigid natoptysh: careful removal in house conditions

Rigid natoptysh: careful removal in house conditions

Natoptysha - consolidation of blanket of skin on stupnyakh. They are formed in places of friction and where on foot there is maximum load. It is possible to fight against natoptysha in the expert's office. But there are also house ways of their elimination.

The basic reason of emergence natoptyshy can be considered high heels which create high load of front part of foot. As a result there are formations which cause pain and burning that prevents normal walking. It is possible to remove similar troubles with use of national methods.

First of all, baths will be useful. For preparation it will be required to pour 2 waters in liter basin and to add soda tablespoon and also a little polished soap. It is necessary to steam out legs at least half an hour, and then by means of pumice to eliminate the injured skin.

Sick diabetes recommends natoptyshy to see at emergence doctor.

It is possible to replace soda in the recipe and I will merge. To be necessary 2 tablespoons of this product. It is possible to use both the usual edible salt, and sea which is on sale in drugstore. Also acid milk, curdled milk or serum well is suitable for baths. It is enough to warm up one of these products, and in it to steam legs. Then it is necessary to apply glycerin mix with castor oil in equal shares to skin. In the presence in the house of oat straw it is possible to prepare bath from its broth. After steaming it is necessary to put gallipot from needles to natoptysha, to stick it with adhesive plaster and to leave on leg for the night.

The easiest way of elimination of natoptyshy: steaming of legs in salt solution and processing by their pumice.

Various compresses also will help with fight against natoptysha. The bulb can perfectly cope with elimination of natoptyshy. It is necessary to clean it and to cut small rings. To put several rings to natoptysha and to roll up food wrap. To put on warm socks legs and to go to sleep. In the morning the bulb needs to be removed. And to strew skin which has managed to soften, rub pumice with talc. Olive oil and socks soaked with it from cotton fabric, will also become excellent assistants in fight for beauty. Clean legs are dressed in these socks. From above it is necessary to reel up film or packages not to soil everything around. Besides so oil will quicker influence due to pair effect. It is possible even to put on one more socks over film. To take at least an hour 3, better all night long, and then to remove, wash legs and to rub them pumice. Leaves of such plant as aloe, will play good service if to put their pulp to affected skin. From above it is necessary to reel up polyethylene and to put on woolen socks. To leave in such state for the whole night. To process legs pumice in the morning. You should not refuse such means as potatoes. One average root crop to clean and rub to condition of gruel. To put it on piece of food wrap and to put to natoptysh. Film to roll up and put on socks. Also in trouble to be useful the celandine which is passed via the meat grinder. The received means to impose on film, as well as potatoes, and then to roll up this film of leg. For sogrev – socks, it is better from natural wool. In the morning of leg to process pumice. If to wear comfortable shoes and to use special insoles, then natoptysh will not appear, and it is not necessary to treat them.

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