Rim for the stylish woman

Rim for the stylish woman

The rim is not only accessory, but also ornament which finishes stylish image of the girl, the adult woman. Lovers of rims reckon in the clothes set of such accessory and know various options how to carry rim on the head.


  1. Select the rim corresponding to the size of your head. It has to keep, at the same time, strongly on hair, but also not press on various parts of the head. Try to move apart narrow rim for its tips that it did not press on area behind ears. If rim very beautiful, and you do not wish to leave it, and it strives to slide off your head, pin up it hairpins to hair.
  2. Hair bands choose not only depending on the general style, type of clothes, its color. But also put on rim depending on mood, even weathers. The rim can favourably emphasize and complement with similar style or color footwear, ladies' handbag, scarf, gloves.
  3. Apply classical color of rims to any image and clothes style. On rim there should not be special finishing, let it will be average thickness or absolutely thin if you are going to put on it business meeting, for work in office. Wider rims will be suitable for festive action. They can be carried during the summer period with open sundresses and light tunics.
  4. The woman is more senior, the more elegantly she needs to get rim which can be decorated with semiprecious stones, rhinestones, is made of expensive materials. Brilliant rims, bright, poured will be suitable for parties and festive actions.
  5. You carry rim, having completely taken away under it the growing bang. Also the bang can be released from under rim if it not too long and does not close half of face. Use thin rim as diadem. Take away all hair under it and slightly comb them, lay by means of varnish. Long wavy hair can be decorated stylish with rim, having just thrust its tips for ears.
  6. With the flowers, bows decorating the rim basis you carry straight hair or wound by large curls. Jewelry on rim can be turned so that they were depending on type of hairstyle sideways, in the middle, on nape, it is necessary forehead, on darkness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team