Rules of care for sensitive face skin

Rules of care for sensitive face skin

You should not despair if you have sensitive skin. All problems in the form of reddening, allergy and rashes can be prevented with ease if to follow number of simple rules.

The adverse climate, high or low temperature, chemical household means, low-quality cosmetics – all this has an adverse effect on condition of skin. Also stresses have the negative impact. Because of deficiency of necessary elements (amino acids, vitamins, minerals) there is violation of hydrolipidic balance and production of skin fat that pours out in one big cosmetic problem in the form of peelings and inflammations.

It is possible to carry to the reasons of emergence of problems with sensitive skin:

  • skin infectious and fungal diseases (deprive, eczema, psoriasis, etc.);
  • bad heredity;
  • violations in hormonal background;
  • pathologies of endocrine system;
  • frequent and long intake of medicines and antibiotics;
  • unbalanced food;
  • reaction to different allergens and irritants: decorative cosmetics, chemical household means, essential oils, organic extracts, cold, heat, etc.;
  • the insufficient or not corresponding to skin type leaving; use of cheap cosmetics;
  • stressful situations, frequent neurosises;
  • sharp change of climatic and time zones.

Stage-by-stage skin care

There is popular belief that the majority of ukhodovy means are contraindicated to sensitive skin. It's not true. Care for it does not represent major issue if it is correct to do everything:

  • Makeup removal. For removal of make-up it is recommended to use hydrophilic oil as it is capable not only to purify skin, but also at the same time to feed it. Perfectly will be suitable for removal of any kind of make-up, both easy day, and intensive evening.
  • The milk perfectly will be suitable for these purposes – it belongs to soft means and does not contain acids and alcohol. It does not need to be washed away and it perfectly nourishes skin. For more deep cleansing it is possible to use easy peelings with fruit acids. Application of aggressive srubs is undesirable as their firm abrasive parts can injure sensitive skin.
  • This stage is necessary for removal of the remains of ukhodovy means and for narrowing of time. Tonic needs to be chosen as easy not to cause feeling of tightness and burning.
  • For moistening of sensitive skin it is worth choosing cream with extracts of camomile and green tea.
  • This stage is generally used for evening leaving. It is worth giving preference to night cream or serum with the content of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, berry or fruit extracts.   

What have to be ukhodovy means for sensitive skin

The modern industry of beauty and cosmetology do not stand still: the market of ukhodovy means grows every year, the innovation products capable to answer all requirements for protection and care for skin of all types appear.

Cosmetics for sensitive skin have to include:

  • natural botanical oils (argan, almond, olive) which promote food and moistening of integument;
  • extracts of green tea, camomile, sage for elimination and prevention of rashes, inflammations and reddenings;
  • A, E, C vitamins for skin regeneration acceleration;
  • hyaluronic acid for recovery of hydrolipidic balance.

When choosing cosmetic it is necessary to pay attention to structure of product always. Means with the content of heavy oils, talc, alcohol or unknown essential oils are extremely contraindicated to skin of sensitive type. With the last it is necessary to be especially careful, so essential oils can cause allergic reaction. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team