Rules of daily personal hygiene for the woman

Rules of daily personal hygiene for the woman

The personal hygiene means to each woman a lot of things. First, pure leather protects from penetration into organism of pathogenic bacteria. Secondly, personal care keeps beauty. It is necessary to remember that the girl should impart rules of personal hygiene since small years.

Several basic rules of female hygiene

Fine half of mankind has to carry out daily water procedures for genitals. At the same time it is necessary to wash them warm water, directing it in front back. This rule should be applied also to use of toilet paper. Why it is so important? The thing is that the woman can bring various infections, including colibacillus which causes inflammation of genitals in vagina.

Because of bad ecology it is necessary to follow some more elementary rules when holding water procedures:

- to saturate skin cells with oxygen and moisture, it is necessary to use bast; - not to break natural flora mucous genitals, it is necessary not to allow hits of gel or soap in vagina; - to tone up skin and to activate protective properties of organism, it is necessary to apply folk remedies, such as sea salt, herb infusions, etc.; - after shower the body should be wiped rough towel.

In days when there are periods, about three-four once a day follow to be washed away without soap and it is better boiled water as any infection can get into such moment in genitals. Do not forget to change underwear every day.

Some more moments of female hygiene

The modern girl aims to look and not to care for the health attractively. However it can lead to sad consequences, especially in cold season. Overcooling - not the best friend of your genitals therefore try to put on as is possible more warmly. Deodorants are integral part of hygiene of female body too. And if you have increased sweating, then this means to you it is just necessary as skin needs protection against the harmful microorganisms breeding in the damp environment. To be healthy, it is necessary to follow several simple rules only. One of important points is use of qualitative tampons and panty liners. Carrying synthetics can also lead to sad consequences. It is very important to watch purity of the skin and genitals then not to get ""in award"" chronic diseases. The wrong observance of rules of personal hygiene adversely influences female body therefore it is impossible to do everything by halves. Always you finish begun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team