Rules of good suntan in sunbed

Rules of good suntan in sunbed

anticipation of flying many women aim to sunbathe in sunbed not to shock all with whiteness of the body. But often such procedure can do only harm, but not advantage. And all because instructions for use of sunbed are not followed. If to work according to several councils, then the suntan acquired in the artificial way can remain on your skin rather long term.

First of all, your skin should pay attention to properties. If it is susceptible to any external irritants, then the sunbed can be simply contraindicated to you. Therefore consult with the dermatologist if you doubt something.

Visiting sunbed in the flying, you should not forget that you receive portion of suntan and from the sun. Not to injure skin it is worth visiting sunbed at most in 2 days.

Before it is necessary sunbathing well to prepare body. For this purpose it is necessary to take shower and to use to srubs. The keratosic parts of skin will be removed thanks to what, your suntan will hold on longer.

In order that it is good to sunbathe in sunbed, it is necessary to buy special cream which are intended for this procedure. They not only enhance effect, but also protect skin.

It is desirable that during stay in sunbed, on face there was no cosmetics. As tone cream and basis under make-up contain sun-protection substances, your person will sunbathe much more slowly.

Before the procedure it is necessary to take off from himself all jewelry. Sunbathing in sunbed, do not forget to protect the eyes special glasses because beams are very harmful. Who uses contact lenses them too it is necessary to remove. Surely put on hat the head not to spoil hair under the influence of beams. Women without fail should protect breast. For this purpose it is necessary to use special stikin which close area of nipple.

It is necessary to apply protective balm on lips. If there are tattoos on body, then they should be covered with special means from pigment.

After visit of sunbed it is necessary to take cool shower. You should not use rigid basts or srubs. It is the best of all to apply on body shower gel with palms. After the water procedures the skin is required to be moisturized nutritious cream.

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