Rules of leaving for beautiful skin

Rules of leaving for beautiful skin

If you do not want in several years your skin to remind skin of the wrinkled Indian grandmother, time to begin to work has come. Now, in summertime, it is relevant, more than ever!

What it is worth to remember about?

Do you love summer, solar bathtubs, swimming and everything that belongs to hot time of the year? Even less so you have to be very careful that your skin has not lost elasticity and young look. Do not try to return from holiday as it is possible is more black. First, in fashion light skin color, secondly, suntan excessively burdens skin, she grows old quicker, loses elasticity and natural ability to regeneration.

Without high-quality leaving – step

Qualitative, does not mean – expensive! Many procedures: masks, srubs, the vitamin cleaning wrappings can be prepared in house conditions. Skin care prior to holiday begins with food and vitamins. Before going to the sea, increase consumption of carrots, tomatoes, pepper or greens of parsley which contain the beta carotene maintaining good and long suntan.

Before suntan

Do not forget about easy careful peeling of all body which will help to avoid uneven suntan.

Protection against the sun

For face and neck use higher factor, than for body. Protect face anyway. Throughout all season use factor not lower than 30! The person best of all sunbathes in water. On the land protect sensitive skin around eyes points, and the hat or cap will serve in quality of additional protection against sunshine.


Use the calming and moisturizing balm in the evening. Suntan comes to an end not with the decline, and with softening of skin moistening with lotion. Dry skin will estimate fatter emulsion after suntan, for normal quickly absorbed body lotion will approach more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team