Rules of office make-up

Rules of office make-up

How we look, plays not the last role in our life, kind of we did not go on the return. Career - not exception more likely on the contrary, superfluous to that confirmation. Our appearance influences how colleagues, partners and the administration treat us. Our promotion in many respects depends on it. On this case there are several councils for the successful business lady.


  1. Gold the pravilasovremenny woman does not concede in anything to men. She has to be in time everything, and at the same time to look always at height. Therefore office make-up means simplicity and accuracy. On its creation no more than 15 minutes have to leave. Besides, if necessary it has to turn into evening without effort. The main rule here simple – everything has to be moderately. Bright make-up, intricate hairstyles, poisonous manicure with rhinestones – all this will tell about you, as about not the serious person. Besides, it can serve as hint on your readiness for "not office" relations. The lack of make-up and not well-groomed look will also not bring closer you to success. You will be perceived as the gray mouse incapable to reach big heights in career.
  2. KozhaZdorovyy pure leather - necessary attribute for natural make-up which is demanded by office. Therefore pay special attention to skin care - clarification and moistening. If your skin is inclined to dryness, get the moistening tone means, the concealer will hide dark circles under eyes, and shine will give it highlighter. If skin is inclined to fat content, always have at yourself the matting napkins and friable powder. They will easily cope with greasy luster. The deep artificial tan looks unnaturally and vulgarly therefore do not abuse sunbed and autosuntan. Pay the attention to blush of pink and peach tones better. They will make your look fresh and healthy.
  3. Ice, dense arrows, nacreous shadows leave GlazaYarkie Smokey for evening exits. Make-up of the business lady are the carefully shaded shadows of natural shades (light pink, light brown, gentle-gray, etc.) and the ink giving to look expressiveness. It is possible to draw thin arrow. It is better not to bring lower eyelid since it makes heavier look. Very much the roller applicator for eyes removing hypostases of swelling and dark circles under eyes is useful.
  4. GubyVybirayte soft warm shades – light pink, corporal-beige, caramel, coral. You should not circle contour of lips with pencil more darkly, than color of lipstick. It looks freely. Avoid thoughtless gloss, instead of them use hygienic lipstick or lip balm.
  5. VolosyPrichesk has to be elegant and simple. Enough clean, accurately styled hair. Quite high horse tails and bunches will approach. It is better not to use large hairpins, flowers, hairpins with rhinestones at work too. It is better to reserve magnificent romantic hairstyles for other situation too.
  6. NogtiChereschur the long, bright, decorated with drawings nails do not fit into office dress code. Give preference to the French manicure or quiet neutral tones.
  7. ParfyumAromat has to be easy and almost inaudible. It is the best of all gentle flower aromas. If you the passionate fan of heavier smells, then try to use them before the going away from work. The favourite aroma will help to distract and forget about working problems quicker.
  8. On the worker mestezamechatelno if with documents you are able to distinguish small piece of space for care products for yourself from folders. It is just necessary to have constantly near at hand: 1. Favourite hand cream, thermal spray and nutritious lip balm. Dry air – scourge of modern offices. It is necessary to moisturize skin of face, lips and hands at least twice a day. 2. Tone means, blush, ink and lipstick of neutral shade. Before important meeting happens it is just necessary to correct make-up. 3. Bright lipstick and blush, flickering shadows, liner, favourite spirits. For easy transformation of office make-up in evening. Directly from work you will be able to go to restaurant or to appointment at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team