Rules of useful suntan

Rules of useful suntan

We are sent on leave, dreaming to return with beautiful golden suntan from there. But before starting the obligatory program on the beach, you should not forget about safety rules. Only with them sunny days will become really pleasant and useful.


1. You should not buy sunblock cream which is not pleasant to you. The best upon purchase of such cream - to be guided by the feelings: you have to like both aroma, and texture. Otherwise putting cream on skin will be delayed. It is necessary to remember that for protection of skin of cream there has to be enough. The adult on once requires about 30 g, these are about two tablespoons.

2. It is necessary to remember forever: clouds will not save from radiations! Sunblock cream should be applied in any weather before exit to the beach even if the sky is tightened by clouds and the pleasant breeze blows. Without having protected in cloudy weather, solar ozheg white people risk to receive solar ozheg in hour of stay on the beach. all will receive the volume of harmful radiations at full scale.

3. It is worth knowing that safe suntan in the nature does not exist. Ultraviolet injures skin, and its response - pigmentation change. It is possible to gain beautiful chocolate color without harm to health only by means of autosuntan.

4. Glass not always saves from influence of sunshine. Not many of us realize that long-wave radiations of UVA lead to early wrinkles, and glass is not barrier to these beams. So those who spend much time driving or those whose workplace is located directly at window put themselves at risk of photoageing.

5. You should not expect day cream or basis under make-up, as protection against ultraviolet. Even if these means contain the UV filter. The fact is that in real life it is impossible to apply so much cosmetics how many it is put it when testing. So lip balm, cream, powder should be chosen, proceeding from their cosmetic effect, and it is worth protecting itself from radiations special means.

6. What in sunbed it is impossible to burn - the myth. Dermatologists consider artificial radiation even more dangerous, than natural. There are data that if the person has begun to visit sunbed till 30 flyings, then the danger of development of melanoma at it increases by 75%. So even if sessions of artificial suntan far in the past, it is worth undergoing inspections at the dermatologist.

7. The sun does not need to be avoided, just it is necessary to be fully equipped. Are simply necessary for human body of UV-radiation in small doses. Without them calcium is not acquired, vitamin D is not produced. Just it is necessary to stock up with panama, sunglasses and to use sunblock cream. And time should be devoted from 11 to 16 o'clock to siesta or shopping.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team