Safe removal of black paint from hair

Safe removal of black paint from hair

It is not so simple to remove black paint from hair. Modern producers of paint have well worked over that the painted pigments on hair kept with firmness and long. However there are several reliable tools.

Use of white henna – the most effective way of removal of black color from hair. In spite of the fact that the procedure is more similar to repainting, the result can turn out quite soft. However because this product has not natural origins, hair after the procedure require intensive nutritious care.

White henna should be poured out in any glass or porcelain capacity, to add the activator and to mix carefully to uniform consistence. It is impossible to use metal ware at all. As on packing usually proportions are not specified, can dissolve powder on the discretion, depending on length of your hair – than they are longer, more powder will be required to those. Mix needs to be applied on hair from roots to tips and to hold half an hour. Further hair need to be washed carefully with warm water, it is recommended to use the conditioner or balm after washing.

The mask from clay will also help to clarify color on 1-2 tones. For this purpose dissolve mix from two teaspoons of clay of any color, 6 drops of ammonia solution and 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide 20%. Distribute ready mix on all hair and wait 10 minutes then wash away warm water.

Unlike professional tools the natural components are not so effective, but they do not injure hair and are absolutely safe for human health. National recipes of any orientation, as a rule, very sparing. Certainly, and it is better not to treat such ways with fanaticism, and then the result can exceed all expectations. The washing of black color from hair by means of kefir is the safest and effective way. Kefir is capable not only to clarify slightly hair without harm, but also to revitalize them. For preparation of kefiric remover it is required to you: half-glass of kefir, 2 crude eggs, 4 tablespoons of vodka, 1 tsp of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of shampoo. All ingredients need to be mixed then ready mix should be applied to head skin and to distribute on all length of hair. To keep heat and to prevent evaporations, it is recommended to put on plastic bag or special hat the head, then to wrap up with towel. It is necessary to keep mix not less than 5 hours if there is opportunity, it is better to leave on all night long. Then kefiric mix is washed away by warm water with use of shampoo.

It should be noted that after one application of this remover you will not see desirable result therefore it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times.

By means of honey it is also possible to wash away a little black paint from hair, the result of honey remover exceeds effect of kefir. For the procedure natural honey undertakes, it needs to be applied on dry hair on all length, it is necessary to put on polyethylene hat and to wrap up the head with terry towel. Such remover has to keep on hair not less than 10 hours, you can go to bed, and to wash away honey warm water with shampoo in the morning.

It is desirable to apply honey remover on hair daily within week. If your hair are rather injured, honey will restore their structure and will soften.

It is possible to wash away black color from hair by means of laundry soap, for this purpose they need to wash several times a week hair and to rinse with the lemon juice divorced in boiled water. Burdock and castoric oils have also excellent effect, any given is applied on hair on all length, the hat puts on and the head is wrapped up with towel. It is necessary to hold such oil mask on hair about 5 hours, then to wash away warm water, using shampoo and balm. That oil was well washed away, recommended to wash the head with shampoo at least two times. The ideal option is to address experts. Hairdressers use rather large amount of various solutions, removers and mixes today therefore and for your type hair it is possible to pick up the most suitable means for removal of black color. Also the expert can execute more sparing coloring of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team