Safe ways of bleaching of teeth

Safe ways of bleaching of teeth

Beautiful smiles were always fashionable. Alas, not each person can brag of equal and white teeth. But if correction of bite or alignment of separate teeth - process rather long, then it is possible to make enamel several shades lighter quickly enough. For this purpose there are many checked ways.

The safest way of bleaching of teeth is the procedure with use of the laser in dental clinic. The doctor is obliged to tell about order of holding procedure, about its merits and demerits and also to patch cracks on enamel. It has to instruct about further tooth care that the result of bleaching pleased you as long as possible, to recommend mouthwash, toothpaste. The similar procedure costs rather much, but is modern and absolutely safe way of bleaching. Carefully choose dental clinic, do not forget to check qualification of the expert and certificates for the equipment.

Laser bleaching of teeth can be done even to those people who have thin or sensitive enamel

The dental clinic can offer you oxygen bleaching of teeth. At the heart of method – drawing peroxide connections. They influence tooth enamel, oxidizing the eaten dyes which are contained in coffee, tobacco, black tea, red wine. Alas, oxygen bleaching can make impact and on seal material, and then the difference of color of seal and the tooth will be considerable. Refer ultrasonic bleaching to professional and safe methods of toothbrushing. The doctor at first ultrasound will break deposits of scale, will process enamel, and then will apply the special paste strengthening teeth.

Other ways of cleaning belong to mechanical. In dental office to you will clean teeth sand and hydrochloric solution. Such procedure will make enamel several tones lighter. Experts recommend to carry out mechanical bleaching of teeth of times in six months. If the procedure is done by the professional, then such cleaning not only will have cosmetic effect, but can prevent some diseases of teeth. In house conditions to bleach teeth it is possible too, but it is necessary to remember that it is only possible to call these ways safe relatively. First, you will not be able to estimate whether harm has been done to enamel and if yes, that how serious. Secondly, if one of ways has helped your acquaintance or the relative, then does not mean what will suit you. Those people who do not like to visit regularly stomatologists can order special caps and buy the clarifying gel. Caps are made individually, precisely by the size of your teeth. You independently apply gel on caps and put on them teeth in the evening. You remove in the morning. In several days it is possible to notice that color of teeth became lighter. Alas, stomatologists note that, despite the sparing influence, teeth of their patients after such procedures became more sensitive to hot and cold food, drinks. In drugstores it is possible to buy special gel which will help to bleach teeth in house conditions. Together with bottle the special brush to which you apply means on teeth is on sale. Gel some time keeps on enamel and is gradually washed away by saliva. That the result of bleaching has been noticeable, it is necessary to apply gel within 2-3 weeks. Bleaching of teeth lemon crusts belongs to national methods. It is regularly necessary to wipe with peel of lemon teeth.

This method is recommended only to those who has no digestive tract diseases

In several weeks color of enamel will become slightly lighter, however you by means of lemon will not achieve ideal whiteness and the Hollywood smile.

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