Salon of the house. Care for skin of feet

Salon of the house. Care for skin of feet

That skin of feet was gentle and looked well-groomed, it needs to pay attention regularly. It is possible to visit the pedicure technician in salon, and it is possible to use what is available in house conditions.

In order that our Piglet looked beautifully, it is necessary to remove the coarsened skin. The best assistant in this case – pumice. Before the procedure take in legs in bath with warm water so much how many it is required in order that skin was softened. It is possible to add sea salt to water.

When skin of foot is ready, process it pumice. Various srubs and peelings help to get rid of the died-off skin particles.

After this procedure the skin should be moisturized. Use the moisturizing cream or oil. Make massage of foot.

The cracked heels

If the skin on heels has cracked, and some sites of skin have strongly coarsened, then you will be helped by the following procedure. Apply on heels and places where more efforts, nutritious mask are required, then wrap foot cellophane and from above put on socks.

The medical mask will be especially effective if to leave it on all night long. Wash out foot in the morning and grease with moistening cream. Through several such procedures silky and gentle skin on the Piglet will be result.

SPA pedicure

Not only in SPA salons it is possible to indulge himself with SPA pedicure. If you have rather free time, make to yourself the weakening bath.

Pour warm water into basin, having added to it aromatic oil. Lower legs in water of pleasant temperature and enjoy process within twenty-thirty minutes. When skin is softened, make massage of foot, using srub. After such procedure, skin on stupnyakh will become smooth and gentle.

The next stage of the SPA procedure is moistening of skin. Put nutritious mask on foot with thick layer, wrap cellophane and put on socks. You hold such mask at least two hours, and it is even better all night long.

Perfectly natural masks work, they can be prepared in house conditions. If you regularly organizes himself such procedures, the baby will have your skin of legs as.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team