Sanatorium rest in house conditions: how to make curative bathtub

Sanatorium rest in house conditions: how to make curative bathtub

Water procedures help organism to relax and get healthier. For a long time and till these days the people visit resorts where various bathtubs are offered: thermal, mineral, mud, aromatic. Now everywhere there are SPA salons with relaxation procedures. But the modern person involved in the fast rate of city life often does not have time for visit of resorts and salons. There is a solution: it is possible to enjoy the useful bathroom in the house, all necessary can be bought in drugstore.

It is useful to visit sea resorts, but it is possible, without being chosen to the sea, to enjoy such procedure, having dissolved necessary amount of sea salt in bathtub. It is necessary to fill quarter of bathtub with hot water and to dissolve 300 - 400 of salt (the maximum allowed concentration of 20 g on liter). Then to bring water to necessary temperature, 36 wasps are desirable. It is recommended to luxuriate in such bathtub 15-20 minutes, and it is the best of all to make course of 10-12 procedures every other day. After reception of bathtub you should not be rinsed, take shower it is possible in 20 minutes as salt needs time for influence. Bathtubs with sea salt will improve exchange processes and work of cardiovascular system, will help to relax and normalize dream, will well affect skin and will raise tone. The bathtub with bran is the one more recipe allowing to care for skin. In bran there are a lot of group B vitamins which are useful not only to dry skin, but also at burns and inflammations. To prepare such bathtub, it is necessary to fill linen sack of 1 kg of wheat, oat, almond bran and to cook 10 minutes. Or to put the filled sack at once in bathtub.

Acceptance of bathtubs with addition of sea salt, herbs or essential oils renders the powerful revitalizing effect.

The following bathtub is known since Cleopatra. She took milk pans to keep youth and tenderness of skin, in milk there are a lot of vitamins B and E. Neobkhodimo to mix 2 liters of warm milk with 4 tablespoons of honey. To add mix to already gathered bathtub. Suitable temperature for milk pan - about 35 wasps. One more bathroom, useful to skin, is glyceric. That to prepare it, it is necessary to gather half of necessary amount of water, to add 200 g of glycerin. Then to gather full bathtub and again to add 200 g of glycerin. It is necessary to take bath 20 minutes, and then to take shower. Being in the bathroom, it is recommended to try to relax, think of good, to make to itself massage. After the end of water procedures to smear body with cream and to have a rest some time.

It is quite possible to arrange sanatorium rest in house conditions. In drugstore it is possible to buy all necessary for this purpose.

Phytobathtubs are very useful, they strengthen and improve organism in general. Choosing herbs, it is necessary to pay attention to that effect which they render and also to learn whether they are contraindicated for health reasons. As grass bathtubs strongly affect organism, you should not exceed time of their reception, it is 15-20 minutes. To prepare bathtub it is necessary to fill in necessary herbs with boiled water and to insist 10-15 minutes, or to fill with herbs sack and to lower in bathtub while it is gathered, during the procedure it is possible to rub with this sack body. For the skin inclined to irritation, and oily skin the bathtub with sage and camomile or with mix of flowers of arnica and camomile will approach (1:1). To clean pores, rosemary infusion is used. From insomnia the bathtub with lime broth will help. The bathtub with infusion from mix of leaves of birch, leaves of nettle, silverweed goose, turns, marjoram, camomiles, lungworts will help to strengthen organism in general. The cleaning means is infusion from birch leaves. To adopt the cleaning procedure, the glass of leaves is filled in with boiled water, and 30 minutes later added to bathtub. To reduce stress, to adjust pressure and also to improve work of heart, bathtubs with valerian broth are good. During catarrhal diseases the bathtub with mustard is useful. For its preparation it is necessary to fill glass of dry mustard in sack and to lower in water temperature which about 36 wasps. To take such bath of 10 minutes. To give to skin tone and to purify it, it is possible to prepare mix from leaves of birch, clover, leaves of raspberry, camomile, peppermint. Will improve work of nervous system and heart, will adjust metabolism and blood circulation bathtub with coniferous extract. Also coniferous bathtubs are useful to strengthening of immunity, increase in tone, will help at insomnia. For this procedure it is necessary dry to add 100 g of liquid extract or 50 g to water with temperature about 37 wasps. It is the best of all to take these baths course from 20 bathtubs every other day. Essential oils are very useful, have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties, help to relax, improve metabolism. For preparation of bathtub to add 2 tablespoons of peach oil or half-glass of cream. One more option is to prepare mix from 100 g of cream, milk or yogurt and 10-15 drops of essential oils. To mix this solution from 0.5 l of warm water. To add ready mix to bathtub. It is necessary to take baths the course consisting of 10-12 bathtubs every other day within 10-15 minutes. It is better to begin course with small amount of drops, bringing to 15. The excellent moistening bathtub can be prepared, having mixed 500 g of sea salt, 15 drops of essential oil of camomile, 5 drops patchouli, 5 drops of wormwood, 1 - cinnamon. To prepare tonic bathtub, it is necessary to take 500 g of salt, 5 drops radio oil of thyme, 5 drops of oil of lemon, 5 drops of fennel, 2 drops of mint. The handful of petals of red rose, 5 drops of oil of ylang-ylang, 5 drops of black narcissus will be suitable for the rejuvenating bathtub. The improving effect the bathtub with 5 drops of essential oil of grapefruit, 5 drops of lemon, 5 drops of rosemary has. To improve mood, it is recommended to use ylang-ylang oil and also sandalwood. Camomile or lavender oil will be suitable for removal of headache and relaxation. Mandarine oil will help to cheer up, also its aroma can help at problems with digestion. There is great variety of useful bathtubs. It is necessary to choose suitable only. But you should not forget that frequent and long acceptance of bathtub can deprive skin of protective layer of fat.

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