Scars: how to get rid forever

Scars: how to get rid forever

is known that scars decorate only the man. For the woman even the small hem can become source of complexes and failures. Modern medicines and technologies which help to get rid of scars almost completely come to the rescue.

It is required to you

  • - pharmaceutical medicines;
  • - hormonal injections;
  • - laser therapy.


  1. Begin process of disposal of scar as soon as possible right after the hem was finally created. Consult with the doctor whether it is possible to begin any influence. Begin with pharmaceutical medicines. Mederma gel will help to smooth fresh scars. At convex hem the leveling effect will render means of Kontratubex. For early scars the silicone resorptional plaster of Mepiform is also effective.
  2. If pharmaceutical means do not help, it is necessary to see doctor who will appoint to you injections. Corticosteroid hormones of local short action are most often used. Medicine softens surface of scar and does it pliable for further manipulations. The qualified doctor has to control quantity and depth of introduction of hormone.
  3. One of the most effective and radical methods of disposal of scars - laser correction. The similar way should be applied only after consultation with the doctor who will define scar type. If the hem is much more dark than primary color of skin it means that in it the excess quantity of capillaries is concentrated. At first it is required to remove them, and already then to start correction of the scar. During the procedure there is fractional removal of microsites of skin by means of the eribevy laser that stimulates active production of collagen. After several sessions of fabric begin to be restored.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team