Sea-buckthorn face packs

Sea-buckthorn face packs

Sea-buckthorn – the real well of vitamins and microelements. This wonderful berries can be eaten and used for home care of skin. Sea-buckthorn face packs are capable to keep natural beauty and to prevent early aging. Besides, they are suitable for any type of skin that does them even more valuable.

Berries of sea-buckthorn contain huge amount of magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, silicon and other microelements which are well influencing condition of skin. They render the toning, moistening, nutritious and refreshing action. Besides, masks from sea-buckthorn accelerate regeneration of cells of skin.

Before using masks, be convinced that you have no allergy to sea-buckthorn. It is rather simple to check it: mash several berries to pyureobrazny state. The received gruel put wrist or internal elbow bend. If in half an hour you had had no unpleasant feelings, can start preparation of mask.

The nutritious sea-buckthorn mask will be suitable for any type of skin. Knead 50-70 g of the fresh or frozen berries, mix them with egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of heavy cream and 1 tsp of natural liquid honey. Put homogeneous mass even layer on face and you hold within 12-15 minutes. Then wash away means warm water. After such procedure, skin will become incredibly smooth, silky and elastic. The sea-buckthorn mask with lifting effect is prepared from the following recipe: mix fresh berries with linseed oil and the crushed oat flakes. Components need to be taken in identical proportions. Put mask for 20 minutes and wash away cool water. The means prepared from 100 g of the mashed berries of sea-buckthorn and 2 tablespoons of low-fat sour cream or cottage cheese will be suitable for problem and oily skin. Put the received gruel on clean face and take within 20 minutes. After this time wash cold boiled water. Sea-buckthorn oil will also be suitable for preparation of house masks. In glass or ceramic capacity stir 1 tsp of oil of sea-buckthorn, 2 tsps of tea leaves of green tea and 2-3 drops of oil solution of vitamin E. Put liquid cotton tampon on face and neck for 13-15 minutes, later wash away clear water.

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