Sea-buckthorn oil and oil of thuja: useful properties

Sea-buckthorn oil and oil of thuja: useful properties

nature has taken care of the person long before production of cosmetics has been put on wide stream. And at all popularity of means of the last the natural analogs continue to work not less effectively, helping with the solution of many problems with skin. Those are the sea-buckthorn and thuja which oils improve its state.

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn oil

For receiving oil use ripe berries, concentration of radio substances in which is highest. First of all it exactly remedy which range of application is very wide. By means of sea-buckthorn a number of diseases treat, it even is not contraindicated to children. But the sea-buckthorn inflamed or dry skin oil is especially good. Having wound healing properties, the sea-buckthorn helps to struggle with pimples. Well, and it moisturizes the dry skin and feeds not worse than expensive creams. This effect not only thanks to the texture of oil, but also the vitamins A which are contained in its structure, E and Page is reached. Vitamin A helps to prevent appearance of wrinkles, vitamin C promotes removal from skin of slags and toxins, and vitamin E is called in general source of female beauty as it well affects all appearance and is successfully applied at skin care and for hair.

If desired it is possible to wring out oil and in house conditions. For this purpose the wrung-out juice is required to sustain in the dark day then to remove oil from its surface.

Useful properties of oil of thuja

Not less effectively thuja oil helps to keep beauty though it is much better known as means for treatment of adenoides at children. But it it is possible not only to drip in nose that adenoides have ceased to disturb, but also to use as resolvent for skin. The thuja contains large amount of phytoncides, and they not only help to heal already available inflammations, but also interfere with emergence of new.

In cosmetology not only essential oil, but also directly sprouts of thuja in the fresh or dried-up state is used.

Use of oils for skin

Sea-buckthorn skin oil is in pure form not applied because of high concentration in it of carotene which not only paints skin, but also can cause allergic reactions. Therefore it or is added to creams, or to masks. At the same time recipes of the last there is great variety. For example, effect of easy lifting the mask from white clay with addition to it of three drops of oil of sea-buckthorn has, and the universal rejuvenating mask is mix from honey, egg yolk and teaspoon of olive oil in which 5 drops of oil of sea-buckthorn are dissolved. Oil of thuja is used by the similar principle. In spite of the fact that sometimes it is possible to hear recommendations of its application in pure form, it is better not to risk sensitivity of skin and to add it to structure of masks or creams. After all any essential oil is rather strong allergen therefore it is necessary to test means with their participation with care. Besides masks with addition of this oil, skin with inflammations is effectively helped by steam baths on its basis. For this purpose it is necessary to add several drops of oil to the container with hot water and to take the person over its couples, having covered the head with towel. Time will reveal and will absorb in themselves the phytoncides emitted about the ferry.

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