Secretion of beautiful and well-groomed nails

Secretion of beautiful and well-groomed nails

For each woman is the important fact as her hands look. But agree, even to young people, without uniform wrinkle hands, ugly and not well-groomed nails will be evident at once. Therefore that nails were always beautiful and well-groomed, it is worth listening to some councils. 

It is required to you

  • - medical varnishes
  • - lemon
  • - glass file
  • - ceramic file
  • - file for grinding


1. The shortage of nutrients becomes the reason of fragility of nails usually. Medical varnishes with silicon, sulfur and biotin will help to strengthen fragile nails. Also the healthy nutrition will help: nuts are rich with biotin, plums — silicon, yolk — sulfur. 

2. To give to nails the correct form, it is better to use files. Regularly process them nails, supporting length. And here it is better to put scissors and nippers aside as they are not suitable for weak nails.

3. If your nails became yellowish, you should not worry. The ordinary lemon will serve as the excellent bleaching means. Moisten cotton pad in lemon juice and wipe with it nails. As alternative varnishes with extract of lemon and reflective components will serve. 

4. The file for grinding of nails will help to smooth roughnesses on nails. The main thing what it is necessary to pay attention when choosing such file to, is its abrasivity. It has to be very small. 

5. To prevent stratifying of nails, do not use metal files. It is necessary to file nails only glass or ceramic, and only in one direction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team