Secretion of clean and healthy face skin: masks from acne rash

Secretion of clean and healthy face skin: masks from acne rash

Acne rash — serious problem, is not just cosmetic defect of skin, but disease, the reasons for which huge number, the person can face this trouble at any age. This illness most often affects teenagers, it is connected by hormonal changes of organism, but it is quite often observed also at adults.

Possible reasons of appearance of pimples:

- hormonal changes (the pubertal period, hormonal therapy consequences, use of contraceptives), violation of processes in work of hormone-producing glands, etc.;

- neglect personal hygiene means, excessive use of cosmetics;

- intestinal dysbiosis;

- medicinal therapy, wrong rabotazhkt and reproductive system, streptococcal or staphylococcal infections and other diseases;

- improper feeding, irregular meals, use in food of products low qualities;

- stress;

- allergic reactions;

- unhealthy way of life (alcoholism, tobacco smoking, drug addiction);

- influence of external factors, such, as: dirt, street dust, chemicals, ultra-violet radiation.

The healthy nutrition plays important role in fight against acne rash. It is not recommended to eat: fried, fat, hot spices, smoked products, confectionery, garnishes rich with carbohydrates, alcohol. Useful products: fowl, fast meat, greens, vegetable garnishes, green tea, skim cheese, low-calorie yogurt, natural juice. Also during exacerbation of chronic disease to reduce negative impact of low-quality products on organism, it is recommended to accept enterosorbents, such as Activated carbon, Filtrum-STI, etc. These medicines promote removal from GIT of the hazardous substances received with food and do not allow their allocation through skin time.

Adhering to only one diet, instantly it will not be possible to cope with problem of developing of pimples, but at the correct diet, the risk of their emergence decreases several times.

How quickly to get rid of pimples in house conditions:

Honey and oil

You need one teaspoon of honey and 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. The mask needs to be put pointwise. Means needs to be removed with cotton pad approximately in 25-30 minutes after drawing on skin. The inflamed area has to decrease in the amount of and brighten considerably.

Honey and aspirin

Aspirin needs to be pounded and dissolved in half of teaspoon of warm boiled water then it is necessary to add honey to the received kasheobrazny weight. This means is applied only on the developed pimple. In half an hour we wash away damp disk. This mask well dries and removes inflammation.


One more effective remedy is toothpaste. Pointed processing of pimples toothpaste shows really quite good results. It well dries the inflamed areas, and in case of contents in its composition of plant extracts, promotes fast healing of skin. Consolidation almost completely disappears approximately in 2-4 hours.

Mask with laundry soap

Soap to rasp, add small amount of water and also salt teaspoon, to shake up foam. To smear with the received foam area of inflammation, carefully processing rashes, in 30 minutes to wash away

Kefiric mask

It is necessary to mix kefir with the oat flakes which are previously crushed by the blender. To add lemon juice drop to the received weight, to put for 20 minutes.

Mask from clay

To take tablespoon of powder green clay, to add teaspoon of olive oil, protein of one egg, it is a little pulp of the ripe kiwi peeled. To carefully stir, apply means to skin, to wash away in 10 minutes.

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