Secretion of flat stomach

Secretion of flat stomach

The flat and tightened belt - dream of many women, however not everyone guesses that it is not so difficult to turn this dream into reality. There are easy ways which do diets and habitual trainings more effective and effective.

To watch food and physical activities - important task for this purpose who cares for figure and dreams of flat and beautiful stomach. However it is not all - there are secrets simple and available to everyone which will help to achieve quicker goal and to find figure of the dream.

  • Increase speed. It is insufficiently simple to swing press to stimulate process of combustion of subcutaneous fat on stomach. Regular aerobic loadings which are available to any person are necessary even if he has no time to go to the gym or to run in the mornings. Daily walking can become fat-burning exercise too if just to increase the habitual speed of the movement by 25-30%. Refuse elevators and be accustomed to fast walking on foot. If there is opportunity to reach work, but not to go on public transport, use this opportunity. Intensive foot walk will help to spend more calories, and fat on stomach will begin to burn down quicker. Duration of each high-speed walk has to be not less than 30 minutes. Interval loadings are also useful - alternate quiet intensive walking to the short periods of run. 
  • In house conditions the fitball - inflatable ball for fitness will become the irreplaceable assistant for finding of flat stomach. By means of ball it is possible to load evenly all belly muscles, to carry out twisting, to train oblique muscles of stomach.
  • Level and vacuum - very simple exercises for which performance the additional stock is not necessary. At the same time they are extremely effective for combustion of fat and finding of the tightened and relief belt. Only 30 seconds of motionless stay in level create uniform load of all groups of muscles, and press muscles also receive optimum loading. Vacuum - exercise which can be carried out even in workplace or in transport. Involving and straining stomach, you promote its reduction, get rid of flabbiness and the drooped forms.
  • Power loadings are necessary to get rid of stomach. Some consider that there are enough cardioloadings for burning of calories, however any trainer will confirm: without power trainings and exercises with burdening not to achieve the necessary result. Such exercises are the most energy-intensive and provide the most lasting effect from training in combination with healthy nutrition. The Stanovy draft and also any exercises on balance load press muscles, along with other groups of muscles. Thus, being engaged in gym, you do not need specially to swing press. The relief is formed by itself if there is timely combustion of subcutaneous fat.
  • Observe healthy lifestyle and you watch day regimen. The lack of dream leads to increase in concentration of hormone of stress that promotes accumulation of fat deposits. It is possible to lose weight and to find beautiful figure only if you get enough sleep. 
  • Include green tea in daily diet. Besides the indisputable useful properties, green tea has fat-burning effect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team