Secretion of seductive lips

Secretion of seductive lips

The skin on lips quite often loses attractive appearance and because of environmental impact or the wrong leaving. It is necessary to care for lips by special methods that they were beautiful and seductive.

Exercises for lips

In order that the skin on lips was smooth and elastic, it is possible to do several simple exercises daily. Charging does not take a lot of time and it is possible to do it even in the course of toothbrushing. For example, having as much as possible involved mimicry, say all vowels of the alphabet. Pay attention that skin around lips at the same time has to strain and relax. 

In yoga there is exercise which can also be included in warm-up. For this purpose widely open mouth and put out tongue. It is necessary to stay in such situation several seconds. Repeat reception several times. 

Arrange mimic representation in front of the mirror. Put lips tubule, smile broadly, represent offense, anger and other emotions.

Cosmetics and masks

Several times a week do mask for lips and any vegetable oil. Such reception will help to make skin of more elastic, and lips will look seductive. Oil can prevent injuries of skin which quite often arise because of weather conditions. 

Always have near at hand hygienic lipsticks and lip balms. Such cosmetics will help you to keep healthy type of skin and will give it additional tenderness.

Masks for lips can be done of the most various components. Periodically grate skin with banana piece, cream, sour cream and olive oil. These ingredients are capable to change for a short time type of your lips cardinally. 

Massage for lips

Massage of lips can be performed in several ways. Daily slightly rub skin with slight circular motions of fingers. For normalization of blood circulation it is possible to do massage by means of terry towel or to organize to lips contrast procedures, I alternate cold and hot water.

Such receptions will help you not only for long time to keep youth of lips, but also to visually increase them in volume. Your smile will become seductive and will draw attention of admirers. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team