Secrets of beauty and youth of the Japanese women

Secrets of beauty and youth of the Japanese women

For certain many noticed more than once that Japanese look in 45 years on 30. Personally I was always tormented by question: how do they manage it? It turns out that everything is much simpler, than it seems. I bring to your attention the opened secrets of beauty and youth of the Japanese women.


  1. First of all it is necessary to fall in love with himself and always to aim at what so sincerely you wish. In our case you have to care for beauty and the appearance, without feeling sorry for time spent on it.
  2. The following step is studying skin of the person. It is known that the person grows old not symmetrically, that is on one of its parties of wrinkle appear far quicker. To learn your weakness, take favourite mirror, look in it and smile with the closed mouth so that lips were not unclenched and mouth corners have been raised. That part of the face on which more wrinkles were shown and is the most vulnerable. To correct it, it is necessary not only to chew on it food, but also to sleep. Thanks to these actions the vulnerable part of the face will become tightened and strong.
  3. That skin long remained young and beautiful, it is necessary to look after it correctly. Skin of each person is individual therefore also care for it has to be corresponding. In this case it is not necessary to follow the age recommendations of fashionable magazines. Look after the person, relying on the personal observations.
  4. One more simple way to support the skin young and beautiful is moistening and clarification. Before going to bed it is necessary to delete all cosmetics from face. Thanks to washing and the cleaning masks, you carry out on skin light massage which well influences blood circulation and supports face muscles in tone.
  5. As a rule, all procedures which are connected on skin care become your hands therefore it is possible to call them basic element of beauty. Always you watch that they were warm and during putting creams try to relax, feel the skin and to believe that the carried-out action really helps you.
  6. Practically each Japanese watching the beauty has lotion mask. They use this means as follows: take cotton napkins, moisten them with water, then wring out, impregnate with lotion and put on face as compress approximately for 3-15 minutes. Such compresses should be imposed in certain order: first of all on nose and nasolabial part of the face, then on forehead, cheeks and chin. It is the most convenient to carry out such procedure, taking bath.
  7. Skin, as well as people, needs rest too. Once a week give it this opportunity, that is do not influence it any foreign substances including cosmetics. In such unloading days skin it is possible and it is only necessary to clean.
  8. Food as nothing else, influences condition of our skin. That it kept the youth and beauty, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood and wholegrain grain. Exclude the following from the diet: flour product and also various sweets and smoked products. Do not forget to drink enough water: 1.5 liters on 45 kilograms of weight.
  9. Do not forget also about healthy sleep. Following these simple recommendations, you will look young and beautifully long and for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team