Secrets of beauty of Cleopatra

Secrets of beauty of Cleopatra

They say that the legendary Egyptian queen did not differ in natural beauty. However its cosmetic secrets worked wonders and still enjoy improbable popularity. Cleopatra has proved on own example that beauty can be molded own hands, correctly looking after herself.

The body Cleopatra often indulged bathtubs. For their preparation she used exclusively fresh milk of she-asses, honey and almond oil. According to such recipe the modern woman is able to afford bathtub. Of course, to find exotic milk quite difficult therefore it can be replaced cow. Add to warm water 1 - 1.5 liter of milk, ½ glasses of natural honey and 2 tablespoons of almond oil. That the body of the queen shone beauty, slaves rubbed it with special srub from salt and milk cream.

Cleopatra paid to hair special attention. For washing of the head she used crude eggs. They intensively fed them and have kept magnificent healthy view. Shake up eggs before receiving homogeneous mass and rub in hair and head skin. In 15-18 minutes wash away means stream of flowing water.

The honey face pack according to the recipe of the queen of Egypt can be made easily in house conditions. In equal proportions mix cow's milk and bee honey. Put curative mix thin layer on face and take half an hour. Later wash away cool water. The following secret of charm and unsurpassed beauty of Cleopatra is unique clay mask. Take white cosmetic clay, sour cream, honey and lemon juice in equal proportions. Carefully mix components before obtaining uniform consistence. It is necessary to hold mask not less than 20 minutes. This time is enough that skin became incredibly soft, elastic and smooth. After mask the queen put on face the cream prepared from the crushed leaves scarlet, pink water and pork fat. You can make this means also in modern conditions. On water bath kindle fat and add other components. Means needs to be stored in the fridge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team