Secrets of coloring of hair henna

Secrets of coloring of hair henna

The tendency of women to experiments with hair color often leads to sad consequences – industrial dyes damage structure of hair, do them lifeless, fragile and dry. However these troubles can be avoided if to use natural means. So, coloring by henna will add to curls smoothness, gloss and splendor. And if to use some secrets, then hair can give incredibly beautiful and deep shades.

Before dyeing hair henna, it is recommended to experiment previously on separate lock that the end result has not disappointed – cut off thin lock of hair in the imperceptible place, apply on it dye, sustain necessary time, dry up and are convinced that the turned-out shade will suit you. After that it is possible to apply entirely dye on hair, without forgetting to grease skin strip below the line of hair with fat cream to protect it from coloring.

The hair color after coloring by henna will depend first of all on initial shade of hair and time during which effect of dye continued. So, on black and dark-chestnut hair henna can be held all night long, and here for fair hair time of coloring has to be minimum if, of course, the bright carrot shade is not ultimate goal of experiment. It is also necessary to remember that color will depend also on condition of hair: the dry or injured curls will be painted stronger, than healthy.

Fans of experiments can try to bring the additional ingredients allowing to receive beautiful shades in the painting mix:

  • if instead of water for receiving the painting mix to take red wine, henna will give to hair deep grape color;
  • that on dark hair to receive purple tone, it is enough to replace water with beet juice;
  • if to mix powder of henna with ground black coffee, then the received mix will add to hair of deep brown shades;
  • it is possible to give to fair hair noble color of old gold, if to add to henna mix from 2-3 g of saffron, boiled in water.

Despite all advantages of natural dye, you should not forget that on very light, decoloured or gray hair even the most subtle shades of henna can look provocatively and even krichashche. Colourless henna well will be suitable for the improving purposes – masks with it effectively strengthen hair and add them gloss. Those who nevertheless has decided on coloring by henna should not forget that this type of dye most effectively acts on dry hair, and it is possible to accelerate its action, having added 2 tsps of vinegar to the painting solution.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team