Secrets of east beauty

Secrets of east beauty

time immemorial east beauty and grace were considered as top of femininity and example of beneficence. Today Asian beauty does not lose the mysterious attractiveness. Fortunately, the present has closely approached solution of east beauty that to rather suitable inhabitants of the West.

East beauty in many respects is based on behavior. Quite so geishas who know that the mind and ability of to present play absolutely not the smaller importance, than quality of kimono claim. East mildness has to be traced in everything – beginning from manner to speak and finishing with sign language. The voice of east girls always has the muffled intonation. The Asian lady will never dare to pass to shout or to allow inappropriate, humiliating her, joke. In the east direct humiliation of the attendees and the third parties who are not participating in conversation is considered offensive. In other words, always and in everything east young lady has to be goodhearted and open. At the same time east ladies accurately know side between kindness and nonsense, and never allow to doubt the advantage.

As for appearance, east ladies are always womanly literally completely. The untidiness is unacceptable in one detail of image of the beauty. Besides, the historical tradition of the East long time ordered to women to carry strict hairstyles, hair always cleaned up in accurately laid bunches. Flowing hair was sign of working origin therefore women paid special attention to laying.

Skin of face and hands of east woman is proof of her cleanliness, excellent health and pure thoughts. In Japan, Korea and China the fashion for snow-white skin still remains. For this purpose ladies use the clarifying foundations, powders and fluids. At the same time search in meyk-apa, as well as in the West, is considered manifestation of bad form and vulgarity. Though in the east it happens seldom because local beauties from the birth have good taste and sense of style. Certainly, to dress east attires to adopt Asian mystery, is not necessary. It is enough to create constrained and womanly image by means of combination of democratic things and womanly attributes. In Japan and Korea the ladies love large jewelry which gives them femininity even in combination with jeans and the stretched sweaters. By the way, it is not accepted to emphasize figure in the east. Ladies of east part of the planet can seldom brag of curvy shapes therefore often they mask features of figure under volume dress codes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team