Secrets of maintenance of female beauty

Secrets of maintenance of female beauty

beauty was always one of the main subjects for discussion. Every era had standards of beauty, and every time will not be guessed who will be fashionable tomorrow. Who is she, the attractive woman what it has to be?


  1. The most important in beauty is spirit. Remember that your appearance is your identity and uniqueness. Be always sure of themselves and the beauty. Find in yourself what distinguishes you from others. Can do it charming smile, the beautiful light step can, and can expressive eyes. Realize and accept the feature.
  2. The second step to beauty is ukhozhennost. It not only beautiful fashionable clothes, but also regular care for skin of face and body, hair and maintenance of the tightened figure. The healthy shining skin, the healthy shiny hairs styled in elegant hairstyle have to become your business card.
  3. For the correct skin care it is necessary to define its type at first. Skin can be dry, normal, fat and mixed. Each of them has the features. The type of skin can change with age.
  4. The main component in skin care is clarification. It is better to wash not soap, and special means. Soap contains large amount of acids that is not really useful for skin. After washing you apply the moisturizing cream. Very well the condition of skin is influenced by masks. Also huge value for skin has regular full-fledged dream not less than eight hours.
  5. The body also needs our care and attention. Skin of hands very gentle and vulnerable since it is deprived of fat layer. Therefore she grows old quicker, than face skin and bodies. Behind skin of hands special leaving is necessary. In the flying it consists in regular use of the soft moisturizing cream, and fatter nutritious is necessary in the winter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team