Secrets of the Korean system of care for face skin. Morning leaving

Secrets of the Korean system of care for face skin. Morning leaving

It can seem surprising, but most of the Korean women use 8-10 step system on skin care every day to help skin to keep health and beauty. In spite of the fact that it demands a little more time, their efforts do not remain unnoticed - these women are proud of the fact that they have the best condition of skin in the world!


1. To wash usual vodoypervy business it is necessary to purify skin only with water, without any means of clarification (face gels, skins, etc.). Water will remove the insignificant number of pollution which settle on the surface of skin at night, and will keep skin of moistened.

2. TonikDl of that to balance level rn skin, it is important to apply tonic; otherwise skin can become dry and dehydrated. Tonic in addition promotes assimilation of the following products which you will put.

3. EssentsiyaEssentsiya represents something average between toner and serum. It perfectly moisturizes face skin, promoting cell renewal for maintenance of her youth.

4. AmpulaPodobno to serum, the ampoule contains higher amount of active ingredients for the solution of problems on care for skin. They use it as the amplifier when your skin is in great need in the additional help.

5. The SyvorotkaOsobyy formula with unprecedented amount of active ingredients, serum is focused on specific problems of skin, such as wrinkles, pigmental spots and dehydration.

6. Cream for glazlegkiya eye cream needs to be applied, moving from internal corner of eyes to external. Here skin very thin, is also not present sebaceous glands to produce natural oils therefore it is very important to support this area humidified and protected during the day.

7. Moistening kremzaty apply the calming moisturizing cream thin layer to all face skin for maintenance of high degree of moisture content during the day.

8. Sunblock cream (SPF) cannot be neglected Use of sunblock cream not only during the summer period, but also in the winter when the sun brightly shines. Protection of skin against ultraviolet rays will allow to avoid emergence of pigmental spots and wrinkles.

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