Secrets of young-looking appearance

Secrets of young-looking appearance

, there is no such woman who would not dream to look much younger. The more the age, the is more than efforts and monetary investments it is required for implementation of this purpose. The necessary result is achieved not by all, to seem is several flyings younger than the true age, it is necessary to think over each nuance of the whole complex of actions for personal care.

Persons whose age has passed mark 40 have to be wise and not go into extremes in the aspirations to put on as 15-year-old girls wearing mini-skirts and bright revealing dresses. The middle-aged woman if she works over the image in general will be much more attractive to look. It is necessary to take care:

  • about creation of interesting hairstyle,
  • about make-up,
  • about weight,
  • about selection of things for clothes,
  • about acquisition of care products for skin.
  1. What should be considered, choosing itself hairstyles. The persons looking magnificently have the faultless hair shining healthy gloss. Hair of the person speak about his health therefore even the hairstyle which only has become fashionable will not save situation if hair seem "problem". Masks for hair, balms, conditioners are assistants on reduction of curls in order. It is better to cut hair shortly or slightly lower than shoulders, than it is proud to show to people around rare long braid with gray hair. In youth it would decorate the woman, but in mature years will visually age her. Do not show to advantage on hair of the women aiming at good appearance, black and dark brown colors. Shades of hair-dyes should be picked up is 2 tones lighter than the natural hair.  
  2. Putting the most expensive cosmetics "will not rejuvenate" the lady if she did not follow the rule on face skin care. They are as follows:
  • not to forget about procedures of face cleansing,
  • not to go to bed, without having removed residues of cosmetics,
  • not to put thick layers of foundation – it ages the woman;
  • it is necessary to give preference to blush of pink shades, and from red it is necessary to refuse;
  • by means of proofreaders it is necessary to mask circles under eyes;
  • color of eyebrows has to be combined with hair color, black wide eyebrows with snow-white hair color will ridiculously look,
  • it is necessary to know that coloring of the lower eyelashes and creation of "arrows" will weight look.
  1. If, having weighed, the lady has seen that its weight exceeds norm, it is necessary to reconsider food allowance. To try that:
  • the last meal was in 2 hours prior to dream,
  • the number of calories in day in the sum should not exceed 2000,
  • to drink not less than 2 l. clear water,
  • long foot walks will help figure to become more harmonious, and to legs will give to elasticity,
  • food became separate.
  1. Black color in spite of the fact that slims figure, can "age" the woman as emphasizes skin shortcomings. If after all it is favourite, it is necessary to refresh it with bright accessories. If to try to look after itself, to love itself, then people around will surely estimate her efforts, and men will present it compliments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team