Seductive decollete in several minutes

Seductive decollete in several minutes

Summer - the period of sundresses, dress, tops with open decolletes. Such styles of clothes not only very beautifully look on female body, but also its seductive advantages show all. However not each woman is able to afford frank cuts. It is connected first of all with possible shortcomings or even defects of skin in the field of decollete. It is possible to remove the majority of defects in only several minutes.


1. Wind, beams of the sun, operation of conditioners - all these factors not in the best way influence skin, moreover, because of them process of aging can accelerate considerably. It is very simple to be protected from such negative impact of the environment. It is enough to wipe skin at first with the cotton pad which is previously moistened in mineral water, and then any moisturizing cream. The ideal option is to repeat such procedures daily, twice a day.

2. The velvet will give to skin soft peeling. It is enough to mix two tablespoons of salt and one teaspoon of olive oil. It is better to choose salt without lumps, otherwise it is possible to injure skin. Apply the prepared mix on area of decollete by means of grapefruit. For this purpose it is necessary to take one segment, to husk with it, and then to use grapefruit instead of cotton pad. On segment put a little mix and the massing movements apply to skin in the field of decollete and neck. The mask has three types effect - clarification by means of salt, mitigation at the expense of olive oil and giving to elasticity skin at the expense of grapefruit juice.

3. It is possible to tone up skin in the field of decollete in only several minutes. For this purpose you need to use the refreshing mask of own preparation. Fill in bunch of fresh mint with one liter of boiled water. It is necessary to infuse mint within several hours. Then structure they should filter and fill in carefully molds for ice. Such original preparation will help you to turn for only a few seconds into the temptress with ideal skin. Before exit just wipe area of decollete and neck with cube of the prepared ice on the basis of mint, and the effect will be instant. Mint will give to skin of elasticity and will bring up her.

4. In case you have not used recipe for mint ice in advance, and you have no time to do it, it is possible to use one more secret. To wipe area of decollete with usual ice, but after grinding to apply several drops of essential oil to skin. Such procedure not only will change appearance of skin, but also will present to your body refined aroma.

5. It is known that honey substantially promotes skin aging process delay. For this reason masks on its basis enjoy wide popularity of modern beauties. It is possible to prepare mask for decollete. It is necessary to mix two tablespoons of blue clay and one tablespoon of honey. Clay powder is previously dissolved with boiled water. The mask is applied to skin and left for 15-20 minutes. And it is desirable not to leave in this case the surface of skin open - better to use towel or film. It is necessary in order that clay has not dried up too quickly. The structure is washed away by usual flowing water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team