Selection of make-up according to the type of appearance

Selection of make-up according to the type of appearance

The seasonal theory of types of appearance is the most popular today. According to this classification, all features of appearance can be laid conditionally in four main types which are called years from time to time. In each this big group there are subspecies and set of specific features.

The German researcher Johannes Itten became the author of seasonal classification and the theory of the color code based on it. Appearance types: spring, summer, fall, winter — it has allocated in the 70th years of the last century. This system quickly became popular thanks to simplicity and convenience. On its basis the stylists select meyk ap, fashion designers — color scale of clothes. Ideally the person adhering to this concept will look if it is not faultless then it is harmonious, without distortions and ridiculous combinations of form and color.

SUMMER. The people with blue, gray, gray-blue eyes possessing light skin and hair with coldish ashy shade treat this tsvetotip (both light, and dark). Tenderness and tranquility alternate with impetuosity, heat and cold mix up in options of shades.

Bright representatives of type summer: Liv Tyler, Paris Hilton, KemeronDiaz, princess Diana, Milla Jovovich.

Eyeliner more preferable liquid, black color of contour is undesirable, it is better to apply blue, or gray-brown. Shadows approach grayish-bluish, grayish-lilac, gray-lilac, dark gray, milk and creamy, silvery-golden, gray-brown, indigo. Lipstick or gloss, blush should be chosen soft shades pink, lilac, cherry in different combinations. SPRING. Women of this type are allocated with the maximum naturalness by nature, and in external manifestations incline to the same naturalness. Avoid bright synthetic paints, and in priority warm, light, fresh. Fair-haired hair, golden, reddish; light skin, with bright flush, sometimes with freckles; blue eyes, cornflower-blue, gray-green, light-brown.

Famous spring goldilocks: Kim Basinger, Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova, Anna Semenovich, Jeri Hallivel, Elena Korikova.

Ink and eyeliner is recommended gray-brown shades. Shadows: beige and ochry, golden, olive, gray-brown. Lipstick, lip gloss and blush: will approach terracotta kirpichnyytsvet, peach, coral, golden and bronze, pinkish and terracotta. FALL. All cold — not their elements. Bright effective ladies in bright, but warm colors. With brown or dark gray eyes, nutbrown saturated hair; skin usually has yellowish and olive shade.

Famous ladies of autumn tsvetotip: Penelope Cruz, Alla Pugacheva, Julia Roberts, Mylène Pharmer, Andy McDowell.

Gray-brown, brown and eggplant mixes will be suitable for make-up of eyes, black it is cancelled. Shadows: beige-golden, peach, gray-brown, olive, marsh, golden-brown. Lipstick, gloss and blush will be organic in scale of reddish and brick, terracotta, golden-brown, orange and coral shades. WINTER. Lovers of contrasts and — natures contradictory, both internally, and externally. In shape cold notes of palette prevail. Green eyes, dark brown, brown-green. Dark hair, with cold gloss. Skin light or swarty, but with cold outflow.

The woman - winter in the concentrated look: Penelope Crous, Cindi Krauford, Monica Bellucci, Angelina Jolie, Natalya Oreiro.

It is possible to emphasize eyes with dark blue, violet, chocolate color of ink and pencil, it suits also gray-brown. Black eyeliner and ink for this type (and only for them!) are quite natural. Shadows: wide range from milk and creamy to gray-brown or dark siikh. Lilac, violet, silvery will only enhance effect of the vamp.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team