Several councils for care for teeth

Several councils for care for teeth

Who does not dream of healthy and snow-white teeth? Nothing acts on people around so disarmingly as the Hollywood smile. So, it is quite simple to turn teeth in a row of pearls - you should reconsider only the daily leaving and to acquire several simple recommendations.

Naturally, the most important point in tooth care is daily careful cleaning two, and even three times a day. Teeth and oral cavity need to be cleaned after each acceptance of food as in the warm and damp environment bacteria and acidity which destroy teeth and gums begin to be multiplied actively. In addition, health of all digestive tract and organism in general depends on purity of oral cavity. Choose brush of moderate rigidity, but also not too soft - in the first case gums will be damaged and inflame, and in the second - the raid from bacteria and will remain on teeth.

So, how it is necessary to brush teeth? Many have got used to carry out just actively on the surface of teeth several times by brush, randomly directing it in different directions. Actually foreteeth should be brushed strictly from top to down, the movements which kind of are ""sweeping out"", and after that with circular motions to mass gums. The chewing surface of teeth should be cleaned horizontal and circular motions, paying special attention to deepenings in teeth.

Surely it is necessary to get flossy - any, even the most careful cleaning without use of tooth thread will be useless as bacteria will continue to be multiplied between teeth, forming caries and unpleasant yellow spots. Flossa happen as from special rough materials to firmer and leskoobrazny tips, and usual filamentary, curtailed into special hank. You can choose Floss proceeding from own habits and conveniences.

In general process of toothbrushing has to take not less than two and a half minutes - only after that you can be sure that you have carefully cleaned oral cavity. Do not forget about language - on its rough surface microbes which can quietly remove on the surface of teeth can also accumulate. If your language quietly postpones any cleaning procedures, just brush it the. If it is quite sensitive, get for it separate, softer. Also now it is possible to find great variety of brushes with the special cleaning party for language in shops.

Choose soft and nonaggressive mouthwash for daily use - too aggressive (for example, with the high content of alcohol) conditioner can aggravate a little situation, having broken natural acid-base balance in mouth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team