Several councils how to make curls the iron

Several councils how to make curls the iron

The fashion is changeable. During one era it was fashionable to wear magnificent wigs, in another – to do short hairstyles, still some time ago was considered that straight hair – it is healthy and very relevant, and now ladies twist curls and create magnificent curls different make-shifts.

Warm the iron. Get up in front of the mirror and by means of hairbrush separate lock of hair (if it is inconvenient to you to use hairbrush, it is possible to separate locks fingers). Clamp small thin lock (width about 5 cm) the iron in the middle, turn it by 360 degrees so that the lock was reeled up on nippers. You hold nippers parallel to floor and slowly lower down.

When nippers reach the end of lock, dismiss loop from hair. You will see that on the place of lock the wonderful wide curl has appeared. In such a way make the necessary number of curls on all head. In the final hair it is necessary forehead raise and fix by varnish, so the hairstyle will look more expressively.

Before use of the iron apply on hair the special protectant for the hair which are exposed to thermal treatment.

If you want to cover with curls all head, then raise hair on the top and fix them on nape by means of hairpin. Begin to do curls from the lower part of hair and only after that be engaged in hair from the top. It will allow to increase the volume of your hairstyle and to fully work each site of the head. Perhaps, for creation of magnificent curly head of hear you need the assistant since independently twist nape hair it can be problematic.

Before wave of each new lock surely recede from hair parting of centimeters 5-8 (if is necessary more).

Curls can be made the iron in one more way. Wash up hair. Dry a little, it is important that hair remained damp. Separate locks, weave them into braids. Braids have to be rather thick (width about 3 cm). Cover with braids all head (all from 7 to 12 braids can turn out). Cover each braid with the fixing gel. Wait until it a little is absorbed and will dry up. Warm the iron. Warm up each braid, gradually pressing it nippers from the basis to tip. Unplait the hair one for another. You will see that at you accurate curls have turned out. The end result will depend on natural features of your hair. Fine hair will curl stronger, dense it is less, but hair will curl all the same on all length, reminding natural kucheryashka. Way third. Wash hair, dry up. Before wave apply the special protectant on hair. Take long pencil, separate one lock and reel up it on pencil. Holding lock on pencil, begin to warm hair from the basis to tips, pressing nippers through each 5-10 cm. Walk nippers in both parties. During such wave the curls will turn out very small. To make curls in front part of the head will not make any problems, you will cope independently. To twist nape hair, the assistant absolutely precisely will be required. At such way of wave it is necessary to be attentive to tips of hair. You should not leave them straight lines – it can ugly look therefore try to wind lock on pencil till the end. Press nippers with identical force on all length of lock. It is not recommended to comb the curls received in the first way (they can simply break up). Those who will use the second and third ways will have opportunity to comb the turned-out curls. It will do your hair extraordinary volume and fluffy. Do not forget to style hair after combing, to fix by invisible beings. If necessary use hairspray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team