Sexy-make-up: what attracts men

Sexy-make-up: what attracts men

The glossy magazines conducting surveys of men have found out their preferences in the field of female beauty. It has become clear that men are rather conservative, prefer pure colors, effect of lack of cosmetics and are absolutely indifferent to fashion trends. The girls wishing to draw attention of men should consider these opinions when choosing make-up.

Basis of sexual make-up - unostentatious underlining of eyes and lips and also faultlessly well-groomed skin. Men like lack of cosmetics, however the person of earthy shade, the pale shelled lips and inexpressive eyes them hardly will attract. Your task is to strengthen delicately natural paints and to hide possible shortcomings, without turning the person into the painted mask.

Usually the make-up is begun with toning of the person. But some makeup artists recommend to issue at first eyes and lips. Lipstick and shadows will distract attention from small imperfections of skin and instead of careful puttying of specks and wrinkles it will be possible to be limited to small amount of liquid foundation and friable powder.

You put basis with the soft humidified sponge. Choose liquid means of very light texture. The basis with yellowish subtone hiding redness of skin is very good. If you like effect of easy suntan, add a little bronzer to foundation. Do not use opaque cosmetics, it will make the person flat and lifeless. The best option - the creams with the most fine nacreous particles giving to skin healthy luminescence.

Do not use brilliant powders and shadows with large shimmer. Such means are suitable not for appointment, and for scene or podium.

Powder should be applied only to owners of oily skin. Instead of dense compact means use very easy transparent veil. You put it with wide soft brush. Bronzers and dark powder of the man are not loved, and here with damp gloss are positive to highlighters. Put with fluffy brush a little funds for cheekbones, back of nose, clavicle and zone of decollete. Representatives of opposite sex will hardly estimate difficult multi-color make-up of eyes and rather dirty shades of shadows. It to liking classics - for example, black arrows and the dense bent eyelashes. As base use light shadows of color of champagne or ivory. Makeup artists advise those who wants to learn to carry out equal black arrows at first to plan contour light pencil, and over it to put dark liquid eyeliner. Make up eyelashes two layers of ink on the basis of polymers and natural wax. They add to hairs elasticity and gloss, ink is not showered, keeping attractive look.

Pay attention to aroma of cosmetics. Refuse cream or powder with sharp chemical fragrance. Men prefer light vanilla or flower aroma.

Do not forget about sexual flush. Instead of dark lilac, beige and brick blush use classical red-pink scale. Liquid tinta and gels give the most natural shade. Also classical powdery blush will approach. Impose them on convex part of cheek, shading so that color looked naturally. Very important point - make-up of lips. Resistant dense lipsticks should be replaced with fruit balms or gloss. Will approach classical red, gentle pink or natural beige tone. Men will not estimate too light lipsticks bleaching lips. They will not like also dark colors. Choose moderately bright shades and you put them slightly carelessly, washing away contour. It is very convenient to distribute balm or gloss fingertips. You do not aim at ideal lines - men estimate all image, without paying attention to details.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team